Help with gender, hair, eyes, and other basic customizing code


Thanks @Fiogan and @Gower.


My total pleasure! It was fun.

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So im just having some trouble with adding the choice for eye color and hair color/length and I cent seem to find help for it anywhere. What is it I need to do for it? In my startup is have create eyecolor as my thing and then when i put the choice i have Blue and then under it set eyecolor blue and then it says no such variable. hat am I doing wrong?


Can you post your code here so we can see if there is a mistake.


Sure here you go
#Blue Eyes
*set eyecolor blue
*goto eye
#Green Eyes
*set eyecolor green
*goto eye
#Hazel Eyes
*set eyecolor hazel
*goto eye
#Brown Eyes
*set eyecolor brown


Going to need to see the *create section as well. Place your code between three ``` so that it goes into

this nice little box that also shows indentation of the code.

Never mind! I found out what I was doing wrong it was a stupid mistake on my part thanks for trying to help! I just needed to add a create color name “color name” in my startup i did not know that