Help on stats in a female center story? (The heiress of RoseThorn)

It is my first story and I I have no idea on what I’m doing, I’m still working on the plot and I just need a little help. Base on this ‘‘story’’, what kind of stats would be good to put on here?

It’s the 1500s in England, Helena is a girl born to a privilege family. There is a change of head of government and her family becomes the target of said change. Her father gets executed and her two older brothers get exiled and send to war. The only ones left are Helena who is not the oldest or the youngest child, she is in the middle and 14 years of age,her mother who becomes a disable person and her youngest brother and sister. The most serious things Helena had ever had to worried about where things like what shoes go with what skirt or does this make me look fat? Now after this tragedy and the family’s money squandered away,being shun by every household and on the verge of being evicted from her home, she is force to assume the role as head of her family when she was never groomed for it. She must learn quick if she is to safe herself and her family from total destruction.

The changes to her life happen slowly. For example where she used to get 10 visitors everyday asking for her health, now she only gets 2 if she is lucky. Soon her food source becomes affected, where she could eat what ever dish she desired, now she starts eating it every other day. Later she starts to notice more simpler things like how dusty the other section of the palace are or when there were a minimum of 1,500 servant and she saw 5 in ever corner now she must go and search for one. Everything boils down to the point where she realizes something is wrong.

What I want to leave clear is that an heiress doesn’t get made over night.

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It depends on the type of story you wish your protagonist to pursue… relationship stats with her family seem important as of right now. So does wealth and neighbor relations.

There is a couple of tutorials that go further into the type of stats recommended and why they work …

I’d seriously consider pursuing on of the tutorials at this point in your project.

name-relationship-gender variables

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