Has anyone read Kushiel's Dart book or series?

Do you think an IF can be allowed with this material as an inspiration?

Depends on what you mean by “inspiration.” If you actually want to use the IP, you need the rights and you’ll have to talk with the company before going anywhere. If you’re just using it to make your own setting and not directly copying the various plot beats, I can’t speak for the Staff, but it’s definitely Adult Content, and the Adult Content category says that there isn’t currently a publication path for sexually-explicit games outside of Heart’s Choice.

You can still make the game if you like but bear in mind that it might not make it to publishing.

No, not using the IP, just an inspiration. I thought you could also publish sexually explicit material in Hosted?


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Using an IP (intellectual property) as an inspiration is done all the time and as long as you do not use “systems” (such as D&D dice systems) or actual characters (like Luke Skywalker) or other recognizable elements that would make your writing too similar to the IP, you should be okay.

Here is a stickied thread that should help you:

The final determination on any game won’t be made until it is submitted for publication, but the general rule is: as long as it does not glorify or advocate anything, the staff usually will be fine with pin-pointing what they will and won’t accept in a submission.

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Sounds like an intresting premise. Will we be playing as a courtesan/spy/chosen one like Phedre?