Guenevere (WIP)

Regarding whether or not to upload the ‘patch’, I’d say do it. The saves aren’t going to last forever anyway, and it will be good to have the best version available for people to play. May as well get it out of the way now.



Do we have to petition you to upload the newest version?

Also, I really wanna take everything from Hrothulf’s corpse.

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Taking everything is greedy. Don’t be greedy.

Also upload the patch Mommy @jeantown . Do we reaaalllyyy need a petition? Pweaze?

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If you upload the patch it’ll give us an excuse to replay it


It’ll also give people an excuse to try reading the code. Just… in case you wanted to do that. I personally don’t even know how.

Also AAAAAHHHHHHH. I have finals next week and I hate studying yet I am going to have to study and I am eventually going to start freaking out the closer to next week I am!

Here you go, just in case.

(Let the code reading commence.)


Yea I don’t know how to read code either (even though I took on ICT for on of my GCSE’s)

Crap I just remembered I have a big test for ICT on the 17th

It’s rude to peek at people’s code… I’m upset that certain people asked questions about future code and ruined my peeking into it.

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The password is saved as a crap load of code which is what I think @Fallaner meant

Why? Half of it is probably vendor junk.

@SheaMcD What do we need an excuse for? Excuses are for squares. :slight_smile:

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It’s only vendor junk if an adventurer picks it up. Guen, however, is in a position to be a quest giver. All that garbage on Hrothulf’s body can be named and given out as quest rewards to helpful do-gooders.


I want everything so I can have it as war trophies!

Ah, of course. But who would the adventurers be? Lancelot? The Knights of the Round Table? Random townspeople?

Adventurers are actually pretty hard to find because they need just the right combination of greed, sociopathy, and helpfulness to be effective.


If you’re not totally against it, post the newest version PLEASE.

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See, now I’m tempted to vote against it, just to spite the people begging and whining for it…

Okay, the overwhelming consensus seems to be that I should upload the Guen Book I patch. :slight_smile: I want to work on it some more, but I’ll plan on making it public in the near future (by the end of December, if not before). Looking forward to hearing what people think of the clarified Ace!Guen options.

@Bryce_Kaldwin Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll think about it, and how/whether it could fit with the rest of the story.

I know you do. :slight_smile: It’s in my notes: “NJG wants all the stuff.” I just have to think about what the consequences for such ruthlessness/greed might be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, just don’t expect much… It’s seriously just a few more tiny dialogue options and a lot of potential bugs due to changed variable names and such.

@Fallaner You’re more than welcome to read my code, though I should warn you that it might be the worst example of how to use ChoiceScript! I’ve gotten better at it since I first started, but I still break most of CoG’s suggestions for writing a good game. Anyway, good luck with your finals! I hope you get to enjoy some time off afterward!

@Cecilia_Rosewood Thanks! :slight_smile:

If this were SWTOR, Hrothulf’s stuff would definitely have a grey box around it at the moment, unless I think of something interesting to do with it later. Which I will try to do. (I’ve already had some suggestions.)

And this is my favorite suggestion so far.

@OtherGrimm Too late! You already cast your vote! :stuck_out_tongue:




Erm, Her Majesty Lady “Ruthless, Ambitious” Guenevere should have an extensive war trophy collection, to remind her enemies of what happens to those who try to eliminate her.

So far, she has Hrothulf’s crest and an assassin knife.


If we take the dagger from Hrothulf’s corpse can we use it against his wife, Cornelia when we finally face her? If not can it be used against anyone else? What about a secret purpose?

Just something that came to mind recently, based on my reading about various historical societies women committing adultery with other women was less frowned upon that committing it with another man. I mean the reasoning is fairly obvious, two women can’t produce bastard children, which ancient societies got really mad about.

So much question was, does a similar attitude exist in Guen’s world? If her affair with Morgana becomes public, will people react differently compared to an affair with Lancelot? I mean, Arthur’s confusion about Guen’s sexuality seems to imply such an attitude (although that could just be Arthur being Arthur) .

P.S - If this question has been asked before, I apologise, I was just disinclined to go trekking through 5k+ of comments to find the answer.

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