*goto vs nested

I vaguely remember having some sort of issue with code last time I was here.

Is there anything wrong with having a lot of *goto commands or is it just less elegant? I ask because there’s a section in my WiP that I could do with a lot of nested choices (and nested labels, I hate these) but… that is a lot of spaces to count… and I was Army. If God wanted me to count, I’d have been born with the ability to do so and if the Army wanted me to count they would have set me through a forty hour class to learn how to count.

I guess I’m just asking, will having a lot of *goto mess up something down the line? Or is it just about elegance?

Using *goto won’t inherently mess things up - the main effect it can have is making it harder to read your file, but huge amounts of nesting can do that too. It’s really whatever works for you, there isn’t one single way that will suit everyone’s way of writing and keeping track of things. If you hate nesting, you don’t have to do it!


Thank you so much yet again, Hannah. ^-^


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