Good Vs Evil

Okay first off sorry if there already is a thread for this but I couldn’t find it. If there is could one of the mods move this post to it. thanks.

Okay now for the question that I wrote this post for. I am currently writing a book called Guardians of Thunder. In it there is a specific line that has gotten me curious about what all of you think. I was unable to find the line itself but it basically says

“The elders of the outside world would ask their young. Which is worse? To be the first to commit an evil deed and have no one know about it. Or to commit one in retaliation and have everyone know about it.”

I would really like to hear the thoughts of other people when it comes to this


I don’t think this needs to be moved since it’s talking about good and evil, but a mod can correct me if I’m wrong. There have been other discussions in the past concerning evil/immoral choices and I will link them below if people want to browse them for some interesting discussion.


The best stories have the protagonists not bound by morality.
So it is better to commit an evil deed in retaliation and have everyone know about it.

Are you asking for a moral judgement? Or something relating to your writing (i.e. does this sound like something someone would actually say? Is this grammatically correct or not? etc.)?

Either or I just really want to hear what people have to say about it