Gloovi - interactive video maker for choice based stories!

I have been working on the project for months and released it recently! :smiley:

Gloovi is an app that allows you to connect multiple videos/images to create and share choose your own adventure type stories very easily - basically a visual choice game maker. You can shoot short videos or load them from the web (same goes for images, GIFS), then use our powerful editor to create your own adventure game in a matter of minutes. No programming or scripting knowledge is required! If you want to make an adventure game, you can make a quick trial version with our editor and share it with your audience to see their reaction, then iterate on your game very quickly. Here is an example on how it works. This video was created and shared by one of our early users in less than 5 minutes.

You can download the app from the App Store here (Android users here)

Please try it give us feedback :slight_smile: You can reach us in discord

Thank you!


Thank you for post it! (._.)"


This is pretty neat! I could see this being well-utilized for short IF games.

Two features Iā€™m curious about: is there a timer option that goes to a failstate or inactive choice state if the timer runs out, and can text be centered?


Thanks! We are still in early stage of release and lacking some features like the timer you have mentioned. Texts are automatically aligned to the left for better readability, but we are currently adding center alignment (we already added new fonts and color swatches)! Give it a try and let us know what you think :slight_smile: