Getting to Know a Character

I’m currently a bit stuck in my WIP. I’m trying to come up with questions someone might have when getting to know someone better. I already have a similar scene with a different character and didn’t want to mirror the same questions, though. Any suggestions? What would you ask someone who you don’t know very well and would like to get to know better?

Can you give some context, and what questions you’re trying not to re-use? Sometimes small talk questions can end up sounding similar anyway, and a lot of generic “getting to know you” conversations can change a lot depending on where you’re having the talk. I would ask someone in a fictional classroom what their major is, or why they’re here, but like if I was meeting my fictional bank heist team my questions would be more “so how long have you been heisting.” Which would be inappropriate to ask a classmate


The character in question is a teammate of MC’s. They’re part of an investigative task force. They’re finishing up the night and he’s giving MC a ride home on his motorcycle. MC is the newest member of the team and has just recently finished up their six month internship with them.

Previous questions include opinions on the job and vampires (the first interaction was with a human, the new one is with a vampire), how he discovered the sector of the government dedicated to the supernatural, about family, and hobbies.

If I’m reading right, the current convo is with a vampire then?

MC could ask how old he is now, how old he was when he was turned, how long he’s been on the job, how/when he was recruited, when did he get a motorcycle, is he still using his original name, where is he from?

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The vampire lore in my setting is a bit different. Vampires are their own species with similar lifespans to humans. They’re modeled off of the vampire bat.

That said, this did give me some good ideas :slight_smile:


They can bond over the motorcycle. Gearheads love to talk about cars, motorcycles, engines and a million other related things. My brother, who built race cars used to talk about race cars with his friends all day long 365 days a year :wink:


This could be a great situation for establishing physical and/or romantic attraction.


ya, have Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” blasting on the motorcycle’s radio - assuming its a cruiser type of bike and not a crotch rocket or sumsuch.


MC is riding sidecar so it’s definitely not a crotch rocket lol

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Think about what about the character is interesting, and make the questions about those aspects. Questions you would ask in real life might not be interesting in a story.