Get in Loser, We're Talking About MCs

Hey yall!!! So I’m not sure if there’s already a thread for this, (if so merciful mod lords please bonk me gently) but I’d like to open a discussion of our favorite MCs we’ve created and roleplayed in published Choice of Games and Hosted Games. What MC/s made you truly feel a part of the world? What were their motivations, dreams, fears? What events pushed them to their limits and beyond? What was their morality and did it ever change? How did they navigate the story? What about them did you truly love and what did you truly hate?

You can give a brief summary of your MCs or full blown character analysis, I truly want to read them all!!! I’ll add one if mine in the following post and will probably add more as the thread progresses because I’m a chaotic chatterbox when I’m intrigued.

I should add that this thread will have spoilers aplenty so read/blur with caution.


My most recent MC was for Heart of Battle which isn’t out yet so I won’t spoil details - but the story made a lot of room for character development for my MC. I started out being very pragmatic/survivalist/“let’s get the job done and get out”/“I’m not here to make friends”. Then a failed stat check at a pivotal moment resulted in something bad happening that pushed him to throw himself into trying to make the world a better place. It’s rare that I encounter a game where my MC’s aspirations shift like that, and it was lovely to experience!

The very first time I played Choice of the Deathless many years ago, I romanced Vega and at the end I ended up turning into a skeleton and I was absolutely OUTRAGED but delighted with the unexpected nature of the thing!


Linking this because there’s some good stuff in there:


My first fav MC I’ll list is non other than Miranda Espinoza from the Community College Hero series!!!

Mirana Espinoza is a charming young Afro-Latina woman from Miami, Florida. Her childhood was mostly fun and peaceful until her father was put in prison for working with the Dozen. When he was assassinated something within Miranda died. What was born from the rot was cold and VERY hungry. She threw herself completely into hero training with three goals in mind: clean up her father’s image, become a hero everyone ADORED, and kill the Dozen with the love of the masses as a political shield.

Miranda donned the name Alley Cat and became a stealthy detective with the hopes of learning assassination techniques to better aid her in her goals (assassin orders PLEASE hit my girl up). She was overjoyed to receive the hero scholarship so she could begin making connections with established and up and coming heroes (and learn how to efficiently kill supes). Miranda secretly genuinely enjoyed getting to know her classmates (and their secrets) but tried to rationalize them all as stepping stones to her goals.

In her two years as a Community College Hero Miranda has seduced Crook, (fun time loose cannon with no need of commitment) and the Hedonist (FUN TIME, MONEY, and so so much physcial and political power). She’s become a personal favorite to Dean Tolly and all of her professors, established a charming hero persona (which is basically just her actual outward personality), befriended most of her classmates (except Dirty Girl), killed her very first supe, and led her team on a successful fight against members of the Dozen before becoming their official leader.

With so many of her intricate schemes going as planned, Miranda can taste her revenge in the air and it’s oh so sweet.


That sounds crazy fun and I’ll definitely look into that game, I love when world shifting events happens to my MCs.

Omg I haven’t played that game in ages I was DEVASTATED when that happened my first playthrough so I went with the goddess after that.

Ooooh thanx a bundle I’ll go read that now.

this is not the first mc i made but is actually the most recent. i decided to play zombie safe haven. i thoroughly enjoyed the whole “challenges” and actually see it more as an extended customization. it really helped my mc feel more alive.

tbh, aside from the mentioned above, ive never really had that feeling. probably because my mc has a lot of specific things from him that is not honestly usually brought up in an IF (mc kistune my beloved).

id be happy to ramble about him but ill just be straying away from an mc IF and would just actually talking be talking about my oc lmao


Have you played Keeper of the Sun and Moon? You get to play a Kitsune there as well, I highly recommend it.

oh yea i have! (leon my beloved) i wouldve honestly liked it if there was an option to keep our ears and tails out and have like scenes with the ros where we are cuddling with them on our fox form. tbh i thought when i would chose it, i would have like my ears and tails out but its still cool tho


Well the Kitsue mc knows how to partially and fully transform so I can see the ears and tails happening in the 3rd game.

possibly but with how intense the third book is and it being the last in the series, i feel like the book would focus more on like all the left ends it left in book two but its still possible. what did u decided to make ur mc be in the keeper series?


Here are my favourite MCs:

A Study in Steampunk

Dr James Blackwood. Skilled doctor and sharp-shooter. The handsomest man in his regiment until shards of shrapnel shredded his face, but still has high charisma (because seriously, charisma is ridiculously easy to raise in this game). On reasonably good terms with Woodward, Christopher Taggart, and Alexandra. While I shot her (to wound) in my first play through, I make them be begrudging allies in my canon play through, as my Blackwood is one that returns to government service to write crime fiction. Her friendship path is my favourite, but that requires joining the Resistance – and that’s not something I see my purest, most undiluted version of Blackwood doing, as he clings hard to his veneer of respectability. I’ve romanced Alexandra a few times, and enjoyed it, but she felt like a rebound from Finch – her and Blackwood are better suited as friends. It is easy not to romance Grace, as she is rather dull as a character. That is not the case with Finch, as I have a soft spot for characters who love our MC regardless of our actions (see Rory Wintermint of Tally Ho fame, the Platonic ideal of a RO). I think my favourite route for maximizing angst is courting Grace with the sole intent to break Finch’s heart a bit, but not accepting her marriage proposal. When Finch dies, Blackwood is, of course, heartbroken. When he comes back, and Blackwood is, of course, thrilled. Nonetheless, he volunteers to act as bait to catch the Ripper, who drains him and puts him in a two-week coma. During which time, of course, Finch is glued to his bedside. It is then that I allow myself to romance him. The epitome of “someone you met at the wrong time, then re-met at the right one”. I was really hoping that might also happen with an alive version of Pierce, but alas, regardless of whether MC saves him, he does not reappear.

Tally Ho

Oscar Hudson. I’ve played through this game an insane amount of times. Most frequently, I make him romance Rory and join the Inner Circle, becoming besties with Regina and Trina (and occasionally the Gila monster whose name I’ve temporarily forgotten). But I shan’t ever forget my traumatic first play through. Hudson was a retired pugilist hopelessly in love with Rory, and that love seemed required, what with a dramatic confession and. Wrestling session. Following his infiltration of the baccarat game. And yet, the next day, Frankincense and him confirmed their engagement. I thought I would still have time to fix that. But the next day, Detective Ambrose arrested Hudson. I looked at my options: attempting an escape or waiting for someone to rescue us, a risky choice :wink: And I thought, surely, Rory will rescue Hudson. But he didn’t come to his rescue! Hudson instead did twenty years of hard labour. This is the one possible bad ending (aside from Regina stranding you on the train station, and you have to try hard to get her to do that) and I got it on my first play through. So, naturally, I had to compensate by replaying it 10^50 times.

Jolly Good

Charlotte “St. Nick” Pinnacle. Dutiful niece, polite and charming, loves listening to her uncle’s rambling phone calls, attending the opera with her aunt, and stealing. She loves stealing so much. My usual high skulduggery MC in Tally Ho would be bold and abrasive. Charlotte’s high stats, on the other hand, are skulduggery, culture, intellect, and soothing. She takes every opportunity to pilfer or engage in unethical price fixing. I romance Tabby with her, though I do find them similar in character, leading to their relationship being a bit unsatisfactory, narrative-wise. Otherwise, I’ll go for Fitzie, but she infuriates me – as much as I enjoy the sheer expanse of Jolly Good (and the opportunities to rob, cheat, and steal), I don’t find the characters and the atmosphere compelling in comparison (though they’re still compelling. Not as much as in my beloved Tally Ho, though).


I too enjoy info dumping about my MCs and I really love developing them. Unfortunately I have to go to work, so I don’t have time to write a big long post about my MC’s but, I can write one later tonight. Also @Artemis_Silverbow I don’t know if you’re into Wayhaven at all, but a lot of us do MC hypotheticals a little less than once a month that can end up being very detailed, and usually produce very interesting conversations about MCs, so if you’re interested in MC conversations and into that series, its a good time over there.


I play the same MC in every game.

Me, but (usually) way cooler.



I pretty much just play the same few characters, but adapted to the game. They don’t necessarily fit perfectly, so a lot of aspects are fluid. But there are some general things that usually hold true.

The one that tends to fit best is Van Armetz, though that’s because I only play him in games in which I know he would fit. Core traits are that he is a soldier/military of some variety, stoic (often to the point of numbness/apathy), and loyal. He doesn’t like killing but absolutely will if that’s what he’s told to do.


Oh I made plenty of MCs in that game lmao but my favorite is Monique Jones, a kitsune. I’ll post her in a bit.

Oh I LOVE Wayhaven so I’ll def hop on one there!!!.


I Really love your MCs!!! I haven’t played the Tally Ho series yet and for the life of me I can’t remember why I never finished Steampunk.

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On my first play through, I only resisted the urge to restart after Finch died with difficulty, but it was very much worth it. If you still have it, I’d recommend it wholeheartedly!


Well i have two types of mc depending on the story and ro itself, shy and weakling mc, or kind with a bit of emotionless mc. Aside from that, i have one of my favorite mc from Keeper of Day and Night/Sun and Moon since somehow i can make her feels so alive lol, her name is Yuria Sakamata, although she always complain and feels tired from her works, she always cheering up for others and will protect her friends especially Seraphina (her ro) at any cost, in the end, she’s just your cheerful and supportive kitsune who love shopping and fashion, just don’t try thinking something suspicious since she won’t hesitate to backstab and harm you lol


Replaying a game many times with many different characters is something I really enjoy, but it tends to lessen my affection for the individual characters I create. There are exceptions, though - usually from multiple-installment titles, where I get particularly invested in creating MCs I want to hang out with for awhile. A couple from CoG land:

Jolly Good


She’s had various names; my umbrella term for her is Ethel (the Unready). She’s a cheerful, light-hearted sort who tries to see the good in everyone, sticks by her friends and family to the bitter end, does her best to succeed at everything she undertakes, and… fails. Often. Badly. Though entirely good-natured, she’s quite willing to lie, cheat or steal in order to help out those she cares about; unfortunately she’s terrible at all those things, and doesn’t quite realize it. She’s not stupid, exactly - she’s just sort of oblivious, and tends to act before she thinks. She’s also head over heels in love with her manservant and completely unaware of the fact. Almost always smiling, but with a faint look of bewilderment in her eyes.

Evertree Saga


She’s also had multiple names; the most recent one I’ve used is Glimmer of the Misty Meadows. She’s a brownie whose timidity is constantly at war with her insatiable curiosity. As the series has progressed, she’s slowly gained more confidence in herself and her abilities - it helped that the first adventure, dealing with a dryad, was firmly within her wheelhouse as a brownie and shaman-in-training. A surprising connection to the god Tay (whom she’d admired but only sort-of-worshiped previously) built her up even further. She’s still much more comfortable observing than acting, though, and is quite happy to rely on grumpy Gunther the Half-orc when things go south. She’s in love with Gunther, but figures there’s not the slightest chance he’ll ever notice her, due to their differences in age, experience, and, well, size. For the moment all she wants is to earn enough to support her father, stay alive, and peek around just one more corner


My Keeperverse MC is Shinji Matsuo, who started as your standard kind, smart, heroic kitsune. The events of Day and Night—specifically learning about and resurrecting his girlfriend’s mother, what had been done to his girlfriend by Celosia, how his own mother had been used for Anetha Delacroix’s revenge on his father, and why his father’s actions had unwittingly led to the Delacroix Massacre (which killed his girlfriend’s entire family) did a number on his sanity. It drove him to poison Celosia. Heading into Life and Death, I’m not sure what will become of him—he’ll probably end up as a martyr, or will gain the power, fame, and bright future, but lose Seraphina, who made it all worthwhile. In some runs, maybe he might have a better ending. Maybe.

One of my most memorable Lost Heir MCs is Roderick, the Demon King of Daria. He was driven by the desire to restore his life to how it was before Zusak overthrew his parents, to the point that he turned to the dark power of Shadi and ultimately became a Dark Knight. While he married his childhood friend Petra and had a son named Brand with her, he still remained resolute in his desire to remake the world into what it was before his parents’ death, and this resolve only hardened when he failed to retake Tornassa. This ambition culminated in him subverting Zusak’s grand plan for the demon K’Girr, by taking control over the demon lord himself.