Genre Interest Check

So I’ve got a few concurrent projects I’ve been working on, spanning a few genres. Got fairly equal personal interest in all of them but I’m curious as to what genres tend to be the most preferred/what you’d like to see more of, before I start committing to something that might not garner any interest

while I’m not an expert…I would say write what you want . Peoples will like your story more if you enjoy what you are writing . I mean , you could go for what peoples wanna see…but…what if you lose interest half way ? what if you lose inspiration?

Shrug…up to you , but that is my advice .


You should specify which genres you’re interested in writing.

And probably also a small summary for each, just so everyone gets a clearer picture of what you’re talking about.

At this point, you’re essentially asking everyone,
“What movie would you like to watch?”
“They’re different genres.”


I think there was a favorite genre poll.

But, most people like a lot of things. Tin Star was a western and it was great even though western were ranked low.


I’ll always encourage people to do what they want first, but that isn’t going to help you.

Personally I prefer High Fantasy/Medieval.

I’d say sci-fi based on space travel is next.

Then Horror/Thriller.

Basically Dragin Age, Mass Effect, and Evil Within.

I’m so predictable.

I’d almost always suggest going with the idea that grabs you most, even if it’s a close call. Is there something that excites you more about one of the ideas, regardless of genre? If you’re passionate about the concept and can’t stop thinking about it, that will come through in your writing and also will help keep your motivation when there are hard times in the project.


Thanks, this was basically the info I was looking for

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