Gender Options Help

So basically i was just wondering if someone can help me fix my stupidity by directing me in the right direction in terms
of creating a gender option. whatever im doing is making errors :c
mine looks like this
*title Fight or Flight?

*create Gender “”
*create name “”
*create human 100
*create heartless 0
*create bravery 10
*create intelligence 10
*create strength 10
*create agility 10
*create stealth 10

You birth certificate states that you where born in the year 2259
It also states your Gender

You were born a healthy male baby.

    \*set Gender "Male"

You were born a health female baby
*set Gender “Female”
Thats what it pretty much looks like (excluding some text at the start)
and my stats

text Name
text Gender
opposed_pair Heartless
percent Bravery
percent Intelligence
percent Strength
percent Agility
percent Stealth
hope i dont cause any inconveniences sorry! C:

Off the bat, I’d say you should haven’t the gender variable capitalized. Your stat chart is fine but I believe you can’t capitalize variables at creation or something like that. Then again I’m just returning to choicescript and it could be something else.

Thanks i’ll try that C:

I get an error like this
line 59: increasing indent not allowed, expected 3 was 8

Lol. Means you have 5 extra spaces/indents or so on line 59. Using notepad ++ will help keep track of each line of code, so I recommend using that for CS coding.

haha nvm thanks so much dude xD

And here’s a link to previous threads where gender options have been discussed:

Variables can be capitalized in choicescript. Choicescript isn’t case-sensitive. Just recognize that:

VAR, VAr, VaR, vAR, vaR, vAr, Var, var

are all the same variable to choicescript.

This *used* to be a potential problem because javascript, unlike choicescript, is case-sensitive, and global (ie. permanent) variables used to be defined in the javascript file mygame.js. It still is a potential issue if you’re still defining your global variables in mygame.js, but isn’t an issue if you’re defining them in startup.txt

In order to avoid confusion people were told to avoid using capitalized letters in variable names in the old days, but you could, as long as you defined them entirely as lowercase in mygame.js. Then you could capitalize them however you liked when you referenced them in you choicescript files. If you define them in startup.txt however, it doesn’t matter, as that’s a choicescript file. Just understand that you can’t make two different variables by changing capital letters.

I capitalize my variable names for greater legibility all the time.

Thanks for clearing that up. It’s always good to know why something will or won’t work and the capitalization thing has been confusing me since the last CS update.

Now, if I can only figure out if that blank line before the *label issue still causes sporadic errors… :-?

I still recommend that all code be entirely in lower case.