Forum feedback decorum?

Usually it looks like, “I don’t like this, cater to my desire.”

“I don’t like that your vampires aren’t like these vampires.”
“I don’t like that your werewolves aren’t these werewolves.”
“I don’t like that your werewolves have similar stats to your slime creatures.”
“I’d like it if you made your sequel about the vampires I love in this other fandom.”
“I didn’t like that you didn’t make the game about the MC’s past, make the sequel about the MC’s past.”
Etc., etc.

Glad I found this thread again, I’ve been looking for it all night. Sorry for the delay in response time. I have 234 responses to get to even though I only had 14 yesterday.


I agree that honesty and constructive criticism is important, but if someone comes to me with critiques about my work in a disrespectful way, I will just outright ignore those critiques partially out of spite because I’m a petty bitch. Luckily I can only name one time when that has happened I’m pretty sure, and it wasn’t even on my regular forum page. Personally I don’t believe in the phrase “brutally honest”; I think it’s just an excuse for people to be rude while claiming they’re “right” about something.

Constructive criticism should always be respectful, just as the response to that criticism should always be respectful. That’s just my take on it though.


If it has useful information, I don’t really care about the form it’s given in. It’s going to be much, much worse when it becomes a product to be sold, so you can always treat it as a training arc in terms of dealing with critique.

Being nice is all well and good, but most people won’t be nice when they actually have to buy a book and it isn’t up to their liking. So, I think, it’s important to just deal with it and take useful parts into consideration. No critique or reviews is often worse than some - it means no one gave a shit about your work.


Given the current climate, honestly I think sometimes providing feedback may also require a necessary step back from the reviewer — at least, in the category of ‘is this harmful/stereotypical/etc etc’

Like is this genuinely harmful/something that I should call attention to vs this is something that isn’t for me and I don’t have to consume this and move on in my life

For example, let’s say an author decides to make a person of color as a werewolf. The knee jerk tendency I’ve seen in a lot of circles is to say that it’s racist to depict POC that way given the baggage of how the West has largely depicted and treated non-white people. Following this train though, are we saying that only white characters may be depicted as werewolves?

Like POC furries exist. There are POC horror fans, monster fuckers, and what have you who would probably appreciate a werewolf that is also non-white.

Which imo I think should call into question now of the treatment of the character in terms of the author’s writing. Is there an emphasis on the more bestial nature (especially if it’s codefied as something racial)? If there are white characters, how are they treated vs non-white characters? Etc. Etc.

Like I get that asking for nuance can be a lot, but it’s something that I think should also be given consideration as readers looking to give feedback. In a time of competing needs in terms of representation and the like, sometimes it helps though to think what the author’s intended message is (along with who the intended audience is) before typing away


This reads like paste. If I may ask, which HG game(s) are you in authorship of? I thought I was hoity-toity, but clearly I’m not. Apologies for not recognizing your forum name.

I’m sorry, but I must ask. What does this phrase mean?

But not what the audience actually sees.

I guess I don’t know. His or Her’s first paragraph felt like paste while I was reading it. I think I understand? Don’t show off a works in progress, except to explicitly showcase only a specific thing.

Lili, you are 200 posts ahead of me.

They’re the author of the Fallen Hero series

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Ah, thank you. I feel grounded now. 199 responses left.

But see, that doesn’t clarify anything, because now I’m stuck picturing how toothpaste reads like and I’m drawing a blank on that.

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Agree to disagree I suppose. Again, don’t get me wrong, I’ve actively changed things in my own game due to feedback before, and it’s helped me realize what to do and not do in future games too. I feel like there’s a huge difference between:

“This scene was absolute dog*** and I can’t believe it was put in the game because of x, y, and z.”

Compared to:

“imo, this scene was completely out of place and just didn’t really work because of x, y, z.”

I’m not saying people have to coddle others, or even follow it up with anything nice to say at all, but at the bare minimum I’d say being respectful is important for most people to actually take in any valid criticism. Society has cultivated a desensitized people who feel comfortable saying anything over the internet because they don’t have to face the fact that there’s another person behind the other side of the screen, but just because that’s the way things are, doesn’t mean we as individuals have to tolerate or contribute to that fact.

But I feel like I may be taking things off topic here a bit now, so I digress.


Are all your werewolf characters black people? Are all your black characters werewolves? Is your one far east-asian-descendent character called Cho Chang?


Don’t try to force fit feedback. Other than the high- mid- low-level feedback system, feedback also needs to be specific, especially for people like me. For example, “why did A do X and not Y”.

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Exactly! An important use for feedback is whether the reader actually sees what the author wants in there.


Big oof. My brain was reading/working like paste and I took it out on you. I’m sorry.

No worries! I was just a little confused! And my comment was pretty rambling so I get it. I am bad at getting to the point at times.


It’s pretty cut and dry to me, don’t be a dick, but be firm about your criticism. It would be nice to have one but sadly, people can’t behave or sanely react to things without getting psychotic. That’s the internet for you though…


(I’ve deleted a few posts that were getting off topic.)