Flowchart tool for creating an outline?

I am currently creating an outline for a game and finding it very difficult to keep track of the branching I’d like in my story. I have a bunch of hand-drawn flowcharts from my first brainstorming attempts, but they are inflexible and hard to manage once they reach a certain size. Does anyone use a tool for this that they are happy with?
I’ve tried PowerPoint/Excel, Prezi (an online presentation creation tool) and even Gephi (a network visualisation tool), but all of those have shortcomings.
I like that I can zoom in on Prezi slides to nest more detailed structures into rough outlines, the comparable ease of layouting things in MS office and the flexibility of Gephi, but they are all outweighed by those program’s weaknesses. In the end, I always feel like the tool slows me down instead of helping.
Does anyone have any suggestions of software that is more suited to the task?

Try “Bubbl”- I’ve always seemed to find that it works well.

Hey Redgrave, thanks for the tip! Bubbl is much more comfortable than the tools I mentioned above. I’ve only be messing around with it for a couple minutes and I already like it.
A small drawback: it seems to get rather chaotic quickly, since the nodes have to be dragged to be rearranged and child-nodes aren’t moved with their parents.
I’d love to hear what other writers are using.

Well i dont use anything, i even don’t do no type of outline or planning . All of them limited the creativity and drops my imagination. I follow the automatic writing without thinking let your instinct take control.

Of course, has big drawbacks like tendency to be caotic , and need more polishing edition later on. But increase originality and ideas, also i never have a writer block

I sometimes use Twine, then translate it to ChoiceScript, but I mostly do as MaraJade and write the story as I see fit, and only then think about adding options and other ways of reaching some place.

@MaraJade I often used this approach as well, but for me it led only to demos and proofs of concept. The best approach probably depends on the individual. I often get lost in details and constant editing when I just start writing by instinct and finally abandon the project in favor of a new idea.

@Aquila Thanks for the Twine tip, I’ll be sure to give it a try!

Bubbl turned out to be pretty good for creating a rough outline of a small project. Here’s a screenshot of what my current outline looks like: http://unimatrix42.com/bubbl.png
I like being able to use different colors and positions for different kinds of nodes. Rearranging works pretty well for a small project like this, but a larger project would probably be hard to manage.

I dont have that problem due im stubborn as a berserker elephant. It Is rare i started something but when i do i almost always ending it, im slow but constant. That´s why don’t have a outline didn’t affect me.