Fifty (WIP Thriller/Horror)

With more than 50.000-words total, it’s now the complete version of the game, but it can use some testing.

You are one of the 50 strangers stranded on a mysterious island. Will you survive and uncover the island’s secrets or perish to its many dangers?

WARNING: Contains profanity, excessive violence and permadeath. Proceed with caution.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. I’m open to any suggestions, critiques, and ideas, so all comments are welcome! :slight_smile:


This seems pretty fun so far! (Not going to lie I died immediately and had to try again haha) You should definitely keep going with this!


Seems like the first deadly choice is suggesting that risks are mandatory. Bit of a cruel way to get that across, but undeniably effective.


When I first saw this, my mind went “Danganronpa!? Zero Escape!?” :sweat_smile:

That being said, this is great! You should definitely continue it, IMO.


This is great . I would love to see more of this

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Those were my inspirations, so I’m glad this reminded you of them! :slight_smile:


Hey there! I really liked it so far. I think you should flesh out the other survivors a bit more, at least physically, like the tattoo one, since there’s a lot of names in the beggining. Also, consider adding a save plugin so everytime you update, we can just start from where we stopped.
Keep up the good work. I was sad that it ended too soon :joy: :joy:


This is probably what the ‘Deadly Edition’ of the Survival series will look like.


Thanks, I’ll make sure to add it! :slight_smile:

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I had fun unlocking the achievements! It’s a good game, and I’d definitely like to play more of it. My only note is that you might want to hide reuse or disable reuse on the part where you find out who the characters are.

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Thanks, noted! :slight_smile:

I like it, though I’m not sure how far it be be stretched. It amuses me that the only Floridian is a violent criminal.


I was thinking of making a short game out of it, somewhere around 50000 words or so.

Yeah, sorry about that. But hey, she is one of the romanceable characters. That’s good, right? :slight_smile:

Wait, romance??? I was actually hoping for it but thought it might not be possible in this setting… please tell me we can romance Al and adopt the child lol


Yeah, the five characters (Al, Florida, Kansas, Jersey and Utah) are all romanceable, though I’m not entirely sure how their routes will play out in the end, but I like your suggestion. :slight_smile:


I wanted to know how big are the rocks or something. I went around because there is no information about them

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Ooohhh! This is very interesting and good! Fun that there are ROs considering the setting. I fear this will end in tragedy…

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It reminds me of uncharted walker (anime) especially the 1st scene. I like this kinda stuff.

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Found two errors:


“Let me guess, we’re all live in the states on our dog tags?” the old scary guy speaks up again.

Should be “…we all live in the states…”

Loading error

After selecting whether you feel hopeless or optimistic, the next page infinitely loads.

Anyways, lots of fun dying over and over again! :joy: Great job so far
@Rustem_Khafizov Hmm… maybe the error is on my end. I just gave it another go with the same result. :man_shrugging:

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Do you mean in the first chapter? It works fine for me.

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