Discussion on publishing

Because some books are just what porn is to movies: something that gets you quickly excited. Both have a place and audience, and it doesn’t have to be exclusive nor does it degrade the medium.


I’m not degrading anything. I have nothing against those who read them. I just wanted to understand why they were so successful. Already my collaboration with The Demons of Wattpad had made me understand how successful the couples composed of a bad boy and a Hope were, I wanted to deepen.

To be fair, naming your topic ‘The recent degradation of publishing’ has a somewhat… degrading flavor to it.


Actually , rereading the title I realize that it is a bit offensive.
I think it’s better for me to change it.


Fifty Shades is eleven years old, but thats besides the point. Crummy books are published every day. It’s not the publishers that make them popular.

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