Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

honestly, with how long i have been avoiding playing this demo for reasons such as, im not fond of managing stuff since i am not the best at that, i decided to give it a try. oh boy, im sad i didn’t play this sooner. im surprised how you basically sucked me into this world you created and make me feel like i am actually there. the characters are so fleshed out and not everyone over shadows one another. although i am having trouble remember which is which but that probably on my part. my fuckin child is the sweetest and i am absolutely attached to them. such a fuckin sweetheart. so far, the only characters that stuck out to me was the stalker and that annoying motherfucker. cant wait for more, cant believe you made managing a cafe so fun!


thank you :smiley: I’m trying.
Right now most of my energy for writing goes into my other project ‘The Ballad of Devil’s Creek’ though (lovecraftian western).
This project isn’t dead (cause it’s my baby too D= ) but it’s a bit on the backburner.

Nevertheless thank you so much for your words, that means a lot :smiley:


While the story itself is refreshingly unique, with plenty of humour and characters, the dialogue is extremely clunky and unnatural. The sudden shift in tone at the vendor store (depending on the order) is also a bit unnaturally done. Plenty of customisation though. Roughly a 4 out of 5.


The ‘getting food at the station’ is one of the bits that’s still giving me a headache while rewriting, for exactly these reasons.

But i’ll get there :3


Oh, ok! Not to worry you then, but the save system is very glitchy. Could we have a few more saves, if it’s not too much trouble?

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Kept having to change my review because this game does so much in so little time. If I change the wording as I go, it’s one of the few games that feels real to me.
I have no idea how to include the horror scene, but wow it is… something alright. Ghosts in my feel good management game?!


With CuCu you have to be patient though. I’m concentrating on my other game right now, while rewriting/recoding CuCu from the ground up on the side.

Also, could you give examples for ‘unnatural’ dialogue?


The author’s working another wip: The Ballad of Devil’s Creek. As for this wip, it is up to the author if they’d want to continue on it or not - but seeing how dedicated they are with The Ballad of Devil’s Creek, I don’t think this project will be getting any update soon.


Yeah, this project is on hold.

Well, sorta, I have restarted it from the ground up:
Simplifying and streamlining variables, clearer choices, better story flow.

And, hopefully, improved world- and characterbuilding.

But yes, BaoDC is the main focus now.

Check it out if Weird West Adventures are up your alley :slight_smile:


Alright, a quick headsup:
As the rewrite is MAJOR, I’m wondering if opening a whole new thread wouldn’t be a good choice when the time comes.

Changes include:

  • Cornucopia is no longer a major interdimensional hub. Crossing over from different timelines is a known, but rare phenomenon now.
  • congratulations, your MC is a very special person, moreso then before <3

What makes the MC even more special?

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Originally you already had the mystery about the cafe. Now you have that AND the potential of stemming from a different reality.


ok. what about our son?

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Your kid stays the same. It’s really just the dimensional stuff that changed.

Oh and then there’s of course… but that’s a different topic :wink:


Is it the superpowers? Or something else entirely?


Something else :slight_smile:

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A new thread as a fresh start would probably be good to avoid confusion when it comes to searching the topic for any answers to things that more independent users might try to look up on their own before directly asking for an up-to-date answer.

About the only pro I can think of, but it would de-clutter some of the forum’s search utility tools in the long run. Up to you if you believe there’s enough of the older version that got altered that it would baffle a newer reader looking over the older posts. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would worry that some of the Fanbase might fall off if you open up a brand new thread I think if you just edit the top post saying here’s what the game used to be and here’s what it is now might be a better solution the changes just don’t seem Extreme enough to warrant a new thread but that’s just my opinion


To prevent misunderstandings, you might state in the first Post, that every info for the rewrite is from Post xxx onwards?
So everyone knows from where to look

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was thinking about that. we’ll see i guess