Consolidated Writing of Mental Health Issues Thread

Over the years, mental health issues and the writing of these issues has spawned multiple threads that have devolved into sniping and rude behavior towards each other.

This thread is to be used to gather all the resources we find to write on these issues: vids, articles, tools and other mainstream sources.

There is to be no opining or no anecdotal stories - you are free to offer yourself as a sensitivity reader, a specialized tester, or a contact that an author can contact in PM if they desire.

This post serves as the official warning that any deviation from this will result in moderation action being taken, up to and including suspension and banning.


Here is what I think is a great video on how to write mental illnesses. It is a rather long one, but rightfully so.


The DSM is your friend ― while it’s arguable that there’s cultural bias involved and you can certainly start a discussion about medicalization and the harmful stereotype of “normal”, it does work as a helpful thing for someone who’s willing to read a lot and needs a place to start and wants a compiled thing to look at and navigate through. You can find it on pdf online.

If you want something more specific, SciELO offers open scientific data about a lot of things, you just gotta be a bit creative with your keywords for research and you’ll have a lot to read about. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants a more hands-on approach on dealing with psychological issues, ripple effects, social struggle, therapy and whatnot.

On the same note, JSTOR is more or less the same as SciELO (if not a bit more wonky on the visual side), and it offers plenty of database to navigate through, on the same note of keywords and search.

I’ve had many people tell me some of Kat Napiorkowska videos on mental health have helped them understand things better, but I’d advise caution, as some of them can be triggering and/or upsetting.