@Zakkarian All that said, thank you for looking at the code and identifying the source of the problem.


Although I’ve been playing most of these games since Choice of the Vampire (Part One) was first posted online, I’d never thought to visit your forums.

Honestly, after years of enjoying these stories, I’d be more than happy to donate my time to help make future ones bug free on release :slight_smile:



Ok, I’ve posted a patch everywhere except for Steam. That’ll have to wait for Dan, but it should be sometime today.

Let me know if you find any more problems!


I may have found a bug (in case this wasn’t patched out yet).

This was during the debate. I chose to go for the Prime-time TV debate, and I guess that depending on the options you pick and your own stats, you get different outcomes. I managed to get the flawless outcome + achievement.

Occasionally, I’d check out my stats every now and then. It was during this time that I chose to do so. And after toggling it off, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but my debate results changed. This does not seem to happen if you click the “Next” button to switch off your stats. But only, if you use the “Show stats” button to toggle on or off. This is for the PC version, I should add.

Now, I suppose this is a nice exploit. Because I netted a good result on another round, but after toggling the button a few times, I got the flawless result. :smile:

Also, I don’t know if this was supposed to happen, but after joining the F3, Jonas would sort of “make a move” on you. I chose to avoid the kiss but stayed peaceful. However, he still came after me (and got killed), then everything happened as if I never heard of the F3, and I got a normal ending. However, this might be the way it’s supposed to happen, so just asking about it.


The Steam patch is up.



Noticed a grammer mistake if you kiss J, from memory there’s a word missing when it was talking about “how sudden it all was” (I’ll try and get a screenshot if you can’t track it down)

Any timeline on the mobile patches?



The patches for all reproduceable bugs are out.

If you’re still encountering bugs, send screenshots and/or steps to reproduce.


Also just ran into Aereath’s bug with J and 3F. Joined, went for the kiss, won the campaign with Gilda after a one night stand with Jude and after letting Thomas get arrested. Didn’t get any 3F related scenes after that first meet with J, then he came after me and got shot. Running the latest version on Android (at least it’s not prompting me to update).


Same, it hasn’t requested an update on iOS either :confused:

I’ll try and screenshot that grammar issue with the J kiss.




First paragraph, third sentence:
“and you know that this ‘is’ all ‘so / so very / very’ sudden"
"and you know ‘it’s’ all ‘so / so very / very’ sudden”