Concepts vs WIPs

Of late, I’ve seen a lot of forum topics going up as WIPs, with no links… in some cases, before the story is even started. A few times, and I don’t think I’d mind, but it’s been happening so consistently that I’m losing faith in being able to find a story attatched to any new threads with a WIP added to the title. I keep thinking- there must be a better way. I know that new writers want to garner interest in their work, and I know the urge to throw up a thread as soon as the writing gets underway is strong, but am I the only one that gets a bit annoyed at concept/synopsis paragraphs being called WIPs? I don’t mind if there’s a link, even if the first chapter isn’t done- as long as there’s an indication that writing has already gotten underway. Otherwise, it’s a story concept.

Is it fair to ask potential WIPs without links to any story content be called something like SCs, or Story Concepts, or some other indicator? I find myself disappointed when I click on a thread marked as a WIP and see no link, to the point I have a hard time even reading the concept. When someone expresses they have a story idea in the title, though, I know what to expect. I just want to know what other people think, and if this is something I’m not alone in. And in some ways, a hopeful request.


There is a thread for people to post their links and a quick summary of their game, and just this, however it has never been used, although i created it almost a year and a half ago. The thread is named “Games”.

It would be nice to have a ‘concept’ category for forum treads. As it is it’s getting difficult to keep track of which threads are actual WiP’s and which are just threads for tossing ideas around.

It sounds like you used an a bit too general name for the thing you’re trying to do with it, and there is actually already a place to do that. It’s called choice of box.

That’s what I was thinking. I also lose track of updates unless they’re date-marked. But that’s a rather separate matter.

Oh, and also- recently having discovered that the forum locks out an original post from being updated after a certain amount of time, some of those concepts labeled as WIPs might get locked out of having an OP link, which is another case for WIPs having links.

The moderators can still edit it, so you can just ask them to put something in there in a separate post (so a link or altered description) and they’ll do it. (Because they’re awesome!)

Aye, :slight_smile: I learned that. But I meant that if it happened a lot, the moderators would probably get tired of doing that, right? Not that they wouldn’t, but I think it would be frustrating for them. Still, we do have some really nice moderators. :smile:

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I do find it very irritating to have a wip go up and it just be a concept post. I’d prefer WIPs were something where we could see a playable demo of work so far.

Concepts are great though as it lets authors see if there is enough demand for their idea to justify investing their time so that could definitely be worthy of another forum category.

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I agree, maybe it should be made a standard that a work that had demo is called a platted rather than a WIP so that it’s clear it has more than just a concept to experience.

That way people can still call their ideas WIP

Maybe instead of putting it to the WIP section it could be added at the General discussions since no link for game and the author or writer is only weighing the story. If the story game has game link then it can be transferred to a WIP section since a game is in the making. That could be a good solution and since the General section is where anyone can post any topic then can that be where post about game concepts be?

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Why not use the Game Development category?
I did that first because it seemed to make sense at the time.

@Cecilia_Rosewood however my thread is older,

You’re alive! :blush:

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Who, me? XD

I’m alive. I’ve just been lurking around my WIP mostly.

Ehm, no. Choiceofbox just got hacked a few times and needed to be built up from scratch again, and everything done to the site before that point in time was forever lost in the dark depths of the Internet :cry: The WiP directory used to be awesome (and a lot larger and easier to navigate).

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What, no, replied to wired :smile:

Oh, oops. XD Ok.

@WiReDcHiMpAnZeE P0RT3R pokes y00

I totallyyyyy feel the same way bro. When I click on a WIP I’m always in the mind set of reading an actual story - a work in progress you could say since they are working on writing/coding it.

But when I open the WIPs that are basically just a “Story Concept” like you said, I get real bummed out hoping that I would be able to read some stuff : D

I definitely think COG should open up a story concept tab, or that people should start posting their thread as a “Story Concept(SC whatever)” so people know what to expect.

I don’t know if you guys agree with me, but that is just what I felt.

-Your friendly forum poster Ryse

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Or am I??? Haha ya senior year, work, friends and family has been time consuming, but now that my lifes settling down from all the hecticness ill be able to go back to coding and talking on here every once in a while.