Clock system (last post latest info)


Hello, i would like to ask. I want to make an income per month (having village that produces money every month) but I dont rally know how to get onto that. Or is there some not that hard to make (like 30 day system) without need of seconds hours etc. Hope you reply and help! Thanks in advance


Well, it appears the community strikes again, flagging the post of someone who is new to the forum without any warning or guidance whatsoever.

*shaking my head

As for you, @Holsp, IIRC, there’re some threads that talk about this “village management” system, although it’s been a long time.

But before you dive into such an advanced field, I’d recommend you to familiarize yourself with *gosub and *gosub_scene (subroutines), or you’ll have a hard time.

You can find the summary of subroutines on the wiki.