Cheat Menu in stats screen?


I want to sneak cheats into my game but also use a cheat menu to aid testers.

I wanted to add an option to the stats screen which takes you to another page, where you can select the value of your stats. This would then return to the initial stats screen, where a player can return to the game.

However, I noticed that stat changes done this way do not stick.

Does anyone have a good way to do something like this, which can be easily accessible?


The way ChoiceScript works means that if variables are changed in the stat page, the player has to click another choice or pagebreak in order for the changes to become visible on the stat page. (But I think the changes do take place, if I’m remembering right.)



Thanks, this works.

The change appears immediately, but when I click back to the game it looks as if the stat goes back to normal. However, after the next choice it resets to the value set in the cheat menu!

EDIT: Just adding a page break works, as you said.


Sorry, but I saw cheats, so I clicked. That being said, what’s the name of your game? Would love to try it out.


The cheat menu will be added in the next update, tomorrow or the next day.

My game is An Unexpectedly Green Journey, on the Hosted Games WIPS forum: here

Please play and I hope you enjoy your time being an orc!