Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)



@ParrotWatcher Thankssss for spotting that hehehe >www< Sorry for the trouble~ and thank you so much TwT

Sorry guys for the silent~~~ But everything is coming up pretty well C: And can’t wait for the beta testers read the new contents. Also in regards to the beta testers needed, would it be alright if you write a review for me and send it through the PM~ It would definitely help me determine whether we can meet on a creative level~ C:


This is only going by what I found in the link, plus I’m not in the beta, but I hope these help! Had a lot of fun with the demo, I think the images and sound effects add loads to the experience. The glass shattering kept making me start though!

[spoiler]The adrenalin flew over my veins like a carp through the river

You sure are a hyper fella. (Sybil’s a girl in this run)

_I turned around to see a girl, his hair as silvery lavender as Touya’s, eyes guarded behind thin silver frame glasses, she was frowning. “We should be going. Don’t want to be late now do we?” Her voice rang again.

As much as he looks like Touya, her aura was completely different. She felt… aggressive, there was more fire in her eyes.

Tsuba was wearing a similiar outfit as well […] “You clean up well.” Tsubasa complimented

“Skipping is not allow.

Then it was fine until Touya rescued me and Dion, someone explains why it’s called Reverie, then then next page looked like one big long info dump, code included.[/spoiler]


I love story’s like this especially when it’s thrown into a school environment it’s not everyday you can play an interactive novel set in a school environment but it’s even Rarer to find one with magic, monsters and Who knows what that is actually interesting enough to keep you hooked. I’m loving it and can’t wait until it’s updated, keep up the good work.


I know it’s a little bit late but I reckon it’d be awesome if their was a Valentine’s version of CIAR


Question why only eight chapters we can access? I mean I get the point of wanting to keep someone hooked but… yeah that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say


Because the game is still in development and the 8th chapter is as far as we can go for now.


8 Chapters of HYPE. Am I right? :smiley:


And you wrote that 8 days later. Wait a sec…8 chapters…8 days…8 chapters of hype…!!!


Really love this so far hope to see new chapter’s coming up.


Agreed, but please keep the forum rules in mind at all times


Hi. -slowly proceeds to break every forum rule- Weeh, people around Here sure are serious. -wink wink-


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The forum rules state we shouldn’t bring back threads (in the WIP section) that have been inactive for more than 15 days (unless we’re the authors). Xarena replied well within that time limit so all is well.


Random Question: was the job options taken out or something? I was replaying the story since it’s been a while since I last played it, and I just noticed that I didn’t come across the option to get a job. Was it taken out? Or am I just making choices that does not allow me to get a job? I really don’t know, and I would really like it if someone could explain. Please and thank you.


I just did a replay, and I received the option to get a job. Maybe you came across a bug…?


Okay tried to Load a game and took me too the play again screen. For every save. Little peeved


Hmmmmm Will twerk the little things and update the demo >w<


So I’ve been reading CoG/HG stuff and checking the forums for years now, but I’ve never really made an account here.

After coming across this and your other WIP though, I had to make an account just to mention how exited I am for their releases :joy:

Hope it goes well and stuff haha, have fun writing. :upside_down_face:


What are the clubs for the RO’s


if i remember correctly… beside raising your stat, the club also give you a chance to socialize more with the RO. :thinking: