Can you use Google Drive like Dropbox for Hosting Games

As the title of this topic states, can we use Google Drive (which would be 100 times more convenient than paying DB $10 a month (or paying HostGator the same amount and using their somewhat clunky File Manager) since it’s free) in the same way that we use DB to host games. If yes, please do tell how to do this because as many times as I’ve tried, the Google Drive will not reference the files and sources in the game development files and will either give the raw code of my index.html file or the rich format (like an actual webpage) that only displays elements within the index.html file and none of the other elements referenced.

Not last I checked, as while they did allow static file hosting it didn’t support references to parent paths.
I.e. You could do it, but it’d require a bit of file editing/path changing.

Why not just use the free Dropbox + Compile method?

Much appreciated, did not know that compile did that.

Can also use if that’s no quite what you want. (And that even works better now with Compile).

@Reaperoa Wouldn’t hosting a game on Webs create problems with accessing it on mobile? I remember from WAAAAAAAAAY back when we were still on Vanilla forums and games such as Blood for Poppies, Vendetta and ScarletGeisha’s game (my apologies to ScarletGeisha and fans of the game, I don’t rightly remember the name) were being worked on (publicly) that when I tried to access games hosted on Webs from my phone, it would not load well, is this no longer the case?

I actually don’t recall that problem at all, but it is possible I completely overlooked it because it didn’t affect me and I couldn’t help figure it out. I’d have to look up what the problem was.

I can set up an FTP account for anyone who wants one on my shared server. That way, there’s no need to compile, just upload the files and play the game from the web.