Can I give a variable multiple values?

I’m trying to see if I can give a variable two values: “equipped”, and “true”.

*if (street_clothes=“true”/“equipped”) #Drop Street Clothes
*set street_clothes “false”

This line of code obviously doesn’t work, but I’m trying to make something that would work like that, and I’m using this as an example. Anybody have an idea?

I think you’re not looking for “assigning multiple values to a variable.” You need a check that… checks whether a variable contains these valuese or not.

Here’s an e.g.

*if ((box = "full") or (box = "filled")) or (box = "not empty") #Empty the box
   *set box ""
   The box is now empty

It seems like your example is measuring two things–do you have the clothes, and are the clothes equipped.

So I think you would want two variables:

*set street clothes true (you own the clothes)
*set equipped_clothes “street” (you have the clothes on)

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In the context you stated it would be easy to change the Variable name to street_clothes_equipped and use it as boolean with true or false. A boolean variable can only be true or false, it´s an easy way to check two conditions.
If you want to test more than two conditions, you could use to different states like “owned” and “equipped”, and ask for it with an If and elseif check.

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Thank you, this worked.

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