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OK thanks already did.

…This has probably already been asked before, but does anyone know if you can finally save your game at the end of The Archangel Job?

cant until the second one comes out


Quoted from another thread:


Is there any way to go the FBI route and have Mouse survive?

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Make sure you have a first aid kit on you during the final chapter and choose the option to try to patch them up.


I did on that playthrough but they still ended up dying, is it some sort of background roll?

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did you patch them on 2/3 turn if you do that’s pretty much sum up why their dying

patch them up first and call fbi for assistance that’s how they survive

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Speaking of patches, just to give a bit of update, there will be a patch for the first game in order to make it compatible with Breach 2.

It will contain much of the error fixes and a few very minor changes to some lore to better fit the story.


Ohhhh alright tysm yeah I didnt call the FBI

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I did something similar but called the archangles over and they saved her and took her with them. Perhaps a route for infiltration? A new, and totally not obvious, mole?

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HEy so dumb question but I couln’t find this crack theory anywhere - is Michael Mouse? And they’ve just been using like a trigger-happy actor in his place?

I’ve just tried the “hand on shoulder” persuasion option on Andrew, and it says the goal for the roll was 41, which I didn’t meet, yet it’s acting as if it was a successful interrogation. Does this have to do with me spamming the “gun in face” option?

My discord keeps restarting itself for no reason, can anyone help me out?