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I played the first game as a criminal and romanced our resident stealthy, healing hands, cat lady, then I attempted to play as an informant, but I felt so guilty about screwing her over that I gave up about thirty minutes in. How can a fictional character pull at my heartstrings like that? Well, because you’re a good author!

I can’t believe how exciting and addictive B1 is, even when I basically play the same route. And somehow the demo for B2 is even better. I can’t wait to read more and I’m really interested to see more of Gabriel’s sister. Your world building is unrivalled!


Help please. As an informant, how do I avoid killing people during the heist with the ATMs? Because the FBI keeps telling me that I am responsible for 3 deaths. Any tips?

The least amount of deaths you can have in the ATM heist is one, and technically you can finish the heist without killing anyone yourself.

Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m glad you liked the game!

Also you’ll see more of Gabrielle later on in the game.


Not at all. It gives you that feel and sometimes it’s unexpected especially if you’re in the thick of it and you run out of bullets. If you also implement a roll on gun jams that would be cool too.
Also I’ve been reading all the comments (how in the hell I managed that I really don’t know)
So is the game getting a rework or is it just an update.
The narrator and Mc thing I mean


Is there an active invite to the Server? Had one on an old account but it got stolen. Also, how’s part 2 coming along? (just curious, don’t taze me!)

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You know I would say I’m new here but that would be a lie because I watched this whole thread from a while back but was too shy to make an account until now and have played the game over a million times and I have a few questions that my unhinged brain needs answers to. So this is a long one:

  1. At the beginning of the game or even before that how did Gabriel find out that we were an informant but not Michael or Raquel?Especially Raquel, wouldn’t she have at least known that because she’sa hacker or am I just getting too deep into that?

  2. Now that we’ve met Gabriel’s sister in the demo and now that I have read all of the short stories back to back (because I don’t have a life) Gabriela isn’t the only sibling to Gabriel so where is this secret third sibling? Are they a vigilante too? Do they know that what’s going on in Chicago? Are we going to meet them in the game?

  3. At the ending of Gabriel’s romance Route when him and Michael were in the room with the one way mirror, why did Michael send Raquel outside? Does he know that Raquel likes Gabriel and would of lashed out during their conversation? And when he and Gabriel were speaking he said that people were talking, who are these people? Does he mean the rest of the crew? Does he mean the outfit? I thought that Gabriel already told him about the relationship? And even during the romance route the Mc and Gabriel weren’t all that lovey-dovey , Gabriel was only affectationate when him and the Mc were alone.

4. Also at the ending of Raquel’s Romance she stopped and watched us through the one way mirror. Did she know we were there? Or did she just have a feeling?

How and When did Anthony find out about the Archangels? It seems that he holds a deep grudge against them does Anthony also know about the Archangels in Canada? You would think that the smaller faction would be less important than the biggest one. So why go so hard to catch them?

Does Gabriela know that Gabriel and the Mc are together and if she did, how did she react? Does she agree with Michael or does she just not care?

Okay I think thats all on the top of my head. Let’s hope those spoiler thingys worked.


I could answer absolutely everything but that would pretty much spoil and ruin quite a lot of things. A lot of people in the Discord channels have guessed the answers when they DMed a few theories at me so, some people out there have figured it out.

  1. If I answer or hint anything at all about this, it will spoil pretty much the second half of Breach 2, and the entire plot of Breach 3… but you’re absolutely allowed to theorise in the discord. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  2. This is probably a question for Breach 2’s thread but I’ll answer here anyway. The MC have seen Gabriel’s brother, in Breach 1 and will again in Breach 2, in both routes. You just didn’t know it was him. Also his name can appear in almost every chapter.

  3. As for the people talking, he does mean the crew, and certain information in the wrong hands could prove fatal. That’s all I can say. This also applies if you romance Raquel, in which she is the one Michael talks to, instead of Gabriel.

  4. She guessed. She would’ve looked at the mirror even if you weren’t there.

Anthony has had a rather, personal experience against The Archangels. That’s all I can say.

Gabriela knows who the MC is dating, and knows if they aren’t dating anyone, and you will see her full opinion on it later in Breach 2. All I can say is that she understands Gabriel, but agrees with Michael.

Remember to keep the theories about the trio’s identities to yourself, or feel free to send them in Discord.

Much love :grin: :heart:

That post was ages ago… wow… but thank you for the reply.

Breach 1 is getting an update with a bunch of fixes that’s been reported, alongside an intergration that will allow you to lead saves from Breach 1 in the start of Breach 2, once the game releases, that is.


Thank you so much for answering! I’ve been a big fan of this book for a long time but I never got the courage to actually make an account and say anything.
And I didn’t actually think you would answer so quickly too because you are working on the second book. But keep up the great work and if I actually remember any of my questions I’ll get the courage again to ask. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I think I encountered a bug. While creating my character, I selected “a person in their early 20s” and then “neither.” When Kaz gets into a scuffle while escaping the precinct, however, my gender changes from androgynous to either male or female. I’m not sure which choice determines which gender it changes to, so sorry if this is unhelpful.


I think I’ve found the mistake. Hopefully I’ve rectified this in the future update.


Thank you for responding. I enjoyed what I saw so far and you’ve done great work!

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Hey, so I personally love the raquel romance and I’ve been wondering, why does she like the things she does. For example the best way to increase relationship points with her is to get hurt, why does she like that? Why does she prefer you going melee? Why does she like you failing to interrogate Andy? I figure there has to be a reason, like how Gabe likes you being selfless and merciful or how Mike prefers you brutal because of their personality


Please make Michael romance-able :sweat_smile:


I’ve heard he’s going to be an RO in the third book(?), I could be wrong.


You aren’t wrong, he will be romancable in Book 2 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Raquel doesn’t necessarily like you getting hurt, but they do like to see that you are willing to get hurt doing whatever you think is right, and that you trust her to keep you alive and moving.

Though her main job is basically supporting the trio the same way Mouse supports you, Raquel finds every lesson the MC learns from failing and getting shot to be something essential and that she feels that you are also part of her responsibility as her job within the trio.

… It’s a bit hard to explain without spoiling things, sorry :sweat_smile:


Say Michael if the Archangels ever face the Payday gang who do you think would win ?


Considering the insane type of shit the Payday gang can do with min maxing their skill and perk decks? The payday gang would win.

The Archangels may have a fighting chance mainly because of US Chapter’s The Trio and and Gabrielle’s own trio, but they’re all still human, they have weaknesses, and they can die, plus they don’t have John Wick or Jacket on their side.

If the Archangels were backed up by The Corp, Rook and Bishop… that might be an interesting fight.


I Say it’s 30-70 considering that the payday gang robbed the white house, something that even the archangels can’t do.

Don’t forget Tony Montana and Jimmy


Hoping for a future crossover with the payday gang it’ll be intresting to see

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