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I just finished my tenth play through of the game. I love, it was worth the money and I can’t wait for the second one!

@MichaelMaxwell I was wondering if you’ll ever do an Q and A for the series! I have so many questions(Non spoiler I swear! Kinda!)

I gotta ask! Why did rook former partner break up with him! He’s so much fun and sweet? Is it because he’s a bit insane! :heart_eyes:


OH MER GAWD!!! AAAAAAHHH I can’t wait to see Gabriel again!!! :heart_eyes: :hearts: :heartbeat:


Here’s Carline Serra.


100,000 words and it’s only the first part?! you spoil us :grin:

Okay Now I have to re read the first part again

Clears throat



SCREECH Of course you’d drop this when I’m supposed to be taking a 2 year old Trick or Treating! Lol.

@MichaelMaxwell Congrats!!! And happy Halloween!!!


… I finally have something I can call a sequel under my belt. That is both, surprising, exciting, and tiring all at the same time.

… Also happy halloween!


@MichaelMaxwell Hi, I really enjoyed it :smiley: I replayed it two times already :slight_smile: I do wish there was some saving system though hahaha

Bugs: Other then couple of typos (I’ll tell you when I replay it next, I wasn’t keeping notes)
If you tell Gabriel he should keep the necklace he gives you a choice of keeping it or selling it. Next scene mentioning the necklace, he was the one wearing it.

I found it a little strange you couldn’t choose the colour of your skin but customize almost everything else. I also didn’t feel like my other Raph was very different from the first one :smiley: having more responses which help shape the personality of Raphael would be very cool.
I wish it was longer - I’m definitely hooked and looking forward the second game :smiley:


I love Raquel, i will forever be silent!! If MC’s could morse code, i would be very happy!! Logan+Raquel Forever!!!


I can’t figure out how to put my own comment so I’m going to do it this way. So there isn’t a way to date Michael?

Currently no.

Michael is an RO planned for this book (among several), but getting into a relationship with him or the other new ROs has not been implemented yet.

Also the reason why you can’t likely post your own comment is because your trust level isn’t high enough.


Oh OK thanks for answering that. And another question how come the stats don’t show up for me? Meaning the start button at the top or whatever for you to say yeah relationships and that. Meant to say st stats.

You should probably email with your issue and provide screenshots of the problem. That sounds like a problem that’s out of the forum hands.


OK thanks already did.

…This has probably already been asked before, but does anyone know if you can finally save your game at the end of The Archangel Job?

cant until the second one comes out


Quoted from another thread:


Is there any way to go the FBI route and have Mouse survive?

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Make sure you have a first aid kit on you during the final chapter and choose the option to try to patch them up.