Best practice -- *choice vs *fake_choice

If you notice, there’s no *choice anywhere in that article. The “Establishing Choice” example also uses *fake_choice, and after that Jason stops typing in any commands at all.

It’s a good example of how the ChoiceScript command *fake_choice, whiich was originally the way to represent Fake Choices that set no variables, has turned into the default command for just about any kind of choice because of its greater convenience.

I’ve been waiting for years for Dan to deprecate *fake_choice because it’s become inaccurate and thus confusing. For a coding language whose main goal is helping non-programmers use it effectively (which is if I’ve understood rightly the reason for the abundance of *gotos) the non-fakeness of fake_choice seems like something worth changing…

Why not change *choice to do what *fake_choice does now, rather than train authors to use *fake_choice as much as possible?