Beginner questions

Yep. It might look scary but is actually very simple if you just want a straightforward text. Just pick the style of text you want, type it onto a transparent background, check the size, save as png.

You can get more ambitious with gradients, glows, additional pictures with the text etc, but it’s not necessary. There was a basic tute on it somewhere on the forums ages ago. If I can find it I’ll link it but that’s the gist of it.

This is probably far more that you’ll ever need to know about headers (I’d forgotten how much detail it went into for options), but here it is if you ever want to get more ambitious.


I really love your books, dude, so this gatekeepy and hostile approach is super disappointing. You could have said your valid point without patronizing me.

Also, I’m from the Middle East, so I think I know something about fear.

This is not an NBA tournament and i’m not competing here with anyone, all i literally did is ask an AI how the codes looks like in the beginning of my writing process lol.

Anyway this is super off topic so i won’t comment here anymore.

Me_dumb47, good luck with the coding process!


@EshcharCohen this is a text misunderstanding which can happen due to not having the voice tones and facial expressions to clue you into the true intent. (I have a tendency towards sarcasm myself and have to be really careful to not use it or signpost it well on forums for this exact reason.) Will wasn’t being hostile, I think he was being flippant and that comment was not meant to be taken seriously, and certainly not as gatekeeping.


Maybe I shouldn’t, but I’ll risk butting in. But… I was interested in A Kiss from Death, but I literally didn’t buy the game because of the way @will talks to people in this forum. Personally I always get the impression they are being rude or aggressive. So if Will is willing to take constructive criticism, I’d suggest reconsidering the way they reply to people.


I think this thread has run its course. I am going to close it now.

Please remember to focus on the thread’s topic and not other posters.

Thank you.