Because I forgot and can't find it: How to have the game ignore 'not a positive number'?

How can I stop quicktest from giving the error message ‘not a positive number’ when it comes across multireplace and similar that uses a numeral variable?
Randomtest has no problem with it (for obvious reasons), but how can I tell quicktest that ‘yeah, of course that’s a zero right now’

cause I don’t want to have some counter variables start out as 1, because the chance to miscalculate something are enormous.

What do I have to do to get QT to ignore these bits?

Doing something like this?

*if choice_quicktest
   *set var 1

Not exactly sure where to put it though.

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where would I put that?

also: funnily enough quicktest now stopped complaining about it. let’s hope it stays that way.

I’ve gotten in the habit of sticking a block of

*if choice_quicktest
   *set var 1
   *set var2 1

at the top of each scene file. At least every time that QT complains about an invalid value.

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You ought to only need to do it once, in startup.txt, after the variable declaration block.

I will test it and get back to you with a definitive answer.

thing is this specific variable is a temp. so… where do I put it then?
Also, funnily enough QT now stopped complaining about it, despite it still being at zero during testing

It depends on where you’re creating the temp variable, but also, you said this was a counter variable? So, yeah, it definitely needs to be zero, at some point, otherwise you would just initialize it as 1.

I would put it in the last non-indented block that comes right before the first time you check the variable with multireplace.

Then again, if QT stopped flagging it, you might as well put it in commented, just in case you run into this problem again.

aye. thanks. QT can be really weird at times

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