Asexual Awareness

Just wanted to point something out that I have noticed in regards to the ‘Asexual’ choice in some COG’s.
(I identity as asexual but I am by no means a expert in this topic, so i apologize if it’s not 100% correct. Please let me know if I am incorrect and I’ll update this if i can.)

For all the COG’s authors, thank you. The representation & inclusiveness is absolutely awesome, but unfortunately, it’s not always accurate.
Asexual is not “I’m not interested in dating” or “I’m not attracted to any gender”.
Nor is it the same as celibacy.
It is in fact, “the lack of or low sexual attraction to others”.
Asexuals do experience romantic attraction.
We can be whatever orientation, just change it to romantic. For example, If you are attracted to two genders, you are bisexual. But if you are also asexual, you would change bisexual into biromantic. So Biromantic Asexual.

I should also point out that not all asexuals are the same. There are sex favourable (SF), sex netural (SN) and sex repulsed (SR).
SF’s enjoy sex for various reasons. SN’s either really don’t care or don’t mind. SR’s usually find sex repulsive.
There are also people who have a lack of sexual attraction until a certain point in that relationship. That would fall under the demisexual label.
One thing we all have in common is that we lack the sexual attraction, thus falling underneath the Asexual umbrella.
If you are looking for the “I’m not romantically attracted to anyone”, that would be Aromantic.
The lack of romantic attraction.
And here’s another thing, there are people who are both Asexual and Aromantic.

(I think that’s it :slight_smile: )
Thank you!


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