Are there any things I should do to prepare my stories/games?

I decided to outline each chapter and write backstories for each of the ROs/allies of the MC from a story standpoint. There’s even the summary as you click/tap into the game.

I’m planning on my stories being fairly linear until the end (except in my Yōkai story where you either go to class or meet your parents… and then you’re either a foreigner or a native Japanese person - it’s a fact, a foreigner will have a different experience than someone born in a country) because I think doing too much branching would be tough, plus there’s also the romances. I figured some of the choices you make will influence what ending you’ll get, but most of them influence personality and dialogue/action.

I might do stat checks because for example, one of the stats is “Athletics” in both of my stories, but if I do them, they won’t happen too often. But your personality may also influence your ending :wink: it definitely will in the demon possession story since there’s going to be a stat that tells you whether you or the demon is winning.

Yeah, I haven’t talked about my Yōkai story. To summarize it briefly, everyone knows Yōkai (Japanese mythological creatures) exist and you’ll ally up with some of them.

Have you read all the game design articles on the CoG website?

Yup, I’ve been visiting the ChoiceScript wiki as well, and looking at how my favorite writers code their stories using scenes/startup.txt. I’m also not shy about asking for help with any coding difficulties here.


The guidelines on the website are a good place to start. Once you have honed your techniques, and code-dived into existing games to see how they work, it’s a good place to begin your own storygame. Start small.