April 2024's Writer Support Thread

Last month’s goals:

  • Finish drafting ch 6 (completed last night by the skin of my teeth)
  • Create 3-chapter demo for Spring Thing, (incl. round of beta testing & revisions)
  • Maybe start chapter 7

Happy to say I was able to pull this off! Except for the start chapter 7 part, but I’ve been making notes, so that counts, right?

The demo for Ink and Intrigue is now open to everyone. For now, it can be found in the Back Garden for Spring Thing, and I encourage everyone to check out all the games included in this fun IF event. Apparently @ChanceOfFire’s entry, Dragon of Steelthorne, and my demo of Ink are the first two choicescript games to be included in Spring Thing. I had no idea!

So that’s cool.

This month’s goals:

  • Update Ink forum thread (that’s a today thing)
  • Draft chapter 7 (or as much of it as possible)
  • Try not to get too distracted with the next game(s) I want to write (seriously these ideas are so tempting I’m over here outlining for funsies)

I hope everyone has an excellent month! May the words be with us. :revolving_hearts: :herb: