April 2024's Writer Support Thread

Eclipse day update: I’m 5000 words into chapter 7 and trucking along. This week I’ve put some effort into having a presence on tumblr, made some fun graphics in Canva, and updated the main post on the Ink forum thread for the 24th time (yes I like to edit things).

This morning, I read a review on my demo by someone who didn’t seem to like it much, and I’m trying to figure out if there’s actionable feedback there or if they’re just not my reader. I think one of the hardest things as a writer is accepting the fact that you will never please everyone, and trying to stay clear in your story’s vision. The CoG house style is distinct and not everyone who is into IF is going to like it, and that’s okay, but I’m always looking for ways to improve, if possible. Nothing like criticism to keep you humble. (Edit: One of the criticisms was that my writing is wordy. Which, yes, my style is lyrical and sensory, and not everyone likes that. But this review inspired me to add another choice to the very beginning of the game, which hopefully will make it feel like it gets going at a faster pace and there’s less description before the first choice.)

Today, I made the demo of Ink and Intrigue available on dashingdon. I had the link going to Spring Thing for the past week to help promote the festival, but I know lots of people prefer dashingdon so I’ve added that link, too.

I hope you all have an excellent week! :herb: