April 2022's Writer Support Thread

Thank you, @Raven_de_Hart for your voiced support. :two_hearts:

Also, it is great seeing your efforts pay off, and to hear about your plans for the month. Good luck on your pivot, and please keep us updated as things progress forward!

@Havenstone – It is great to hear you will be able to focus on your writing near month-end, and that everything is going well in Nepal, as you wrap things up there.

@Cecilia_Rosewood – your behind-the-scenes work often is the type of work that does not get the recognition it should … thanks for bringing it forward, and I hope everything goes well for you this month.

@Anjie – one step at a time; your approach works for you and therefore deserves to be celebrated. Thank you for sharing, because I am sure there are other writers that get frustrated that they too are “slow” or they may feel they are alone, when they are not.

@Hazel – I am a fangirl of your Turncoat project, so whenever I hear you are going to be working on it I am pleased. Keep powering through and I am sure you’ll meet your month’s goals.


Still worldbuilding/timeline-making… though I haven’t had much time to spend on it since last month due to assignments and exams piling up. Cut out a ton of extraneous stuff because things have to happen way faster to get the important things in before too late. And resulting in the vampire hunting side of things getting derailed by the politics side of things.

So I’m thinking… how do I tie this entire thing together? Those bits are now more like an excuse to temporarily immerse the character into the worst London slums and then throwing them back into their cushy high-class world. Would seeing both sides of the city make it more palatable for a player to either fight for reform or not? I don’t know and might just be making justifications now to keep it. Because that side of the worldbuilding is what all this started from, now getting massively derailed, but it also feels sparse to not include it because the player character is a private citizen (albeit a privileged one), not a career politician.


Hello everyone i am new to this forum’s and just recently pitched my story idea. I will admit it was a bit messy for a first drafting. But I’m excited that i finally got the idea out there. I have been fighting myself for months on making a post. So that was my first goal completed. Getting the idea out… The next goal is to make another thread for a developers diary to introduce the concept further with the settings,Character’s and a bit of lure. Finally i would like to get a lot of the concept art done not only for the Mova. But for the characters as well…


Wishing you all the best @RaisedMonkey! Putting your own ideas out for public eyes to see is a daunting step, and it’s really brave of you to have taken the leap.

Writing has been slowly but steadily progressing for me - currently, the prologue sits at a total of ~14k words (with roughly ~7k added since April). I was mistaken in how much more some scenes needed to be developed, and therefore my initial post in this thread was a woeful overestimation of what stage of completion it was at! Woops.

There’s still much more to go, and till then, I need to reign in my excitement to reveal it before it’s ready for more eyes to see.


I’ve now done most of my Royal Affairs edits, and I have my code for the next Noblesse Oblige chapter down! Now I’m at the writing stage. There is a lot of complicated branching for this chapter but I’m looking forward to it!


Unfortunately, most of my writing has been for academic purposes instead of for fun. Not that I don’t enjoy what I study, it can just be hard to be motivated to work on my original writing after spending all week writing papers, or in the case of this week it was a lot more editing papers which for me is typically tedious, at least when it’s my own writing. By the end of the week though, I think I should have some more time for writing which makes me happy, its just getting to the point where I have time to write that makes it difficult.


Hi everyone!

Easter is coming, and I am glad I could provide an Easter Egg :nest_with_eggs:to those following Last Dream, my last project.

I have been plodding since January due to a terrible family situation. Nevertheless, I am thrilled I actually managed to write something.

Thank you, everyone, for being here, supporting me, and helping everyone in very stormy waters like I am.

I love you people :two_hearts:, happy Easter to everyone!


Happy Easter!

With Gray Painter packaged and submitted I suddenly have no creative outlet. I want to resist the urge to jump into a new project right away. And yet, the blank page beckons.


Sounds like a good time for ‘doodle writing’. You know, experimenting with character voice, points of views, and different writing styles you wouldn’t normally use etc. just for the fun of it.


You mean I can’t just do “sad introvert English major” for every character I write?!! I have to have other points of view???


I’ve had my medical procedure, all has gone well, and I’m chilling out for a bit before getting back on the wiring horse. I’m massively pleased that I’ve nearly drafted Noblesse Oblige Chapter 5 and have broadly planned Chapter 6 (penultimate chapter with plot climaxes!) so I’m currently right on track. I would have rested no matter what, but this way I get to feel extra good about it!


I’m trying a new recipe for the second holiday, tomorrow, and I have to start the marinade tonight, right before my NaNo writing group Zoom meetup. Truly, an evening pastime suitable for our modern age.


Blitzing through WIPs on the forum gave me the writers kick again. My 18 month abandoned story was given a few new hundred words today.
I’ll keep chipping away. I need to find my feet with the story again.

Good luck all writing this month!


Got my stories update done on time and am already working on having the next one ready! Also started a tumblr and patreon for the story which are things I’ve been meaning to do for a while!

On to the next goal!


Glad to hear you’re getting your needed rest! Oh, and happy belated forum anniversary!


Aha thank you, I hadn’t realised!

I managed to get Chapter 5 of Noblesse Oblige drafted a little before schedule which I’m very pleased about. Now sorting out the structure of Chapter 6, which is going to have a lot of plot climaxes and resolutions!


Just looking to commiserate for a moment. Not really complaining, just venting.

Does anyone get frustrated by how mental energy and time are required by your day job? It’s very hard to turn off my “writer brain” during work hours so I’m constantly writing down cryptic notes, updating google docs, etc., whenever I get an idea. If I could wave a wand, I would make it so that my wife and I could take early retirement but that’s at least a few years away. We won’t do anything rash, and we’ll keep our eyes on the prize, but man it’s frustrating when you want to devote more time to creative projects and you just can’t. I acknowledge that this a ‘first world problem’ in relation to others’ struggles, but it’s still something that is a source of constant frustration.


If I could write every sentence and scene that I pictured during classes and work I’d already written the Lord of the Rings by now


Same :sweat_smile: I’ve grown tired of my job, and so want to just quit and just write… but alas. It pays the bills.


I decided to try writing something of my own for once. I’m not gonna lie, my anxiety and self esteem issues makes it more than a little difficult as I’m constantly second guessing every word.

Still, even writing a few hundred words of a prologue is more than i ever thought I’d do. I try to take pride in that.