Any tips on how to plan out a game on paper?

I want to know because even though I want to make a game for CoG my laptop is broken so I want to have my story planned out on paper so that when I get a new computer by the end of the year I just have to worry about coding it and having it be published. Any help is much appreciated… and if I posted this in the wrong topic, sorry.

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Notebooks! Coloured pens! I think I’d love some coloured postit notes too.

Leave plenty of space on the pages for writing stuff down later if you want to add things. I generally just write on the right side of each page and leave the other-side free. I leave large margins too.

Write out your core story. Mark in places where you think there will be branches, but don’t worry about doing it in code. Write. Write. Write. I wouldn’t worry too much about stats. I’d just write it fairly linearly to begin with.

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If you mean just for writing stuff out, you can always rely on your hand and a good pen. Coloured pens are great tools and remember to number the pages in case pages end up falling out, or in cases where you get multiple scenes going at the same time so you can keep track of the page numbers where that is the case.

If you mean for just rough outlining and figuring out every twist and turn, use flowcharts! Flowcharts, flowcharts, flowcharts. If you don’t have any big enough pieces of paper or a whiteboard, tape together (or once again number the pages) and work in sections to map out what your story is going to be.

You will eventually end up figuring out the best way for you to work, but that would be a good starting point.

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  1. Use a really big piece of paper (like, butcher paper or poster board.) It will help prevent you from losing a hundred little bits of paper with different things.

  2. I concur with colored markers, arrows and flow charts. You can track more than one thing on the same piece of paper that way. (I also have a whole shorthand of shapes and outlines to distinguish different parts of the chart.)

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