Afraid to write, afraid to publish, your opinion?


Depression is a major hurdle, but it doesn’t mean that no one believes in you, or that your game isn’t worth making. One of the main reasons I stopped coding for almost a year was because I lost faith in my project, although I actually knew other people hadn’t. I speak English better than most other native speakers (it’s a life skill) and I found other reasons to doubt myself. I think that people who create things will often question whether they’re qualified to make them.

“Do I dare disturb the universe?”

  • One of the greatest poets of my country
    (T.S. Eliot)

In my case literally no one else believe in my work. However, I thought hard about it and Why I write? And to Whom? And discover that I love it and I do it for me, Then if I don’t do this for money or fame where is the problem? None so I keep working on it despite the rest of world. Sometimes is hard but that’s how life works

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Thank you all for all those positive comments. I felt so good after reading all of you guys comments, that I started writing the sypnosis and playing with the coding to make it show up on the application. It was really fun. Today at night when I’m all alone I’ll start writing the first chapter. I hope it goes well!!!


Good luck, and remember write because you want to. Not forced to.

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Bet it will be awesome, and if not maybe tomorrow it will be awesome :wink:


I bet the story going to be a good read!:+1: And I bet you will do well you seem to have the passion to write. just remember to relax when you do because I don’t want you to become stress trying to please us(the readers) remember this is for you. Can’t wait for what you have in stored for us. :grin:

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I usually forget while walking out or in a room ita kinda getting annoying actually making me think what i was thinking for 5-10 min

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Aren’t there interactive fiction languages out there without variables, like Twine? I’ve only ever used choicescript. You should definitely listen to those telling you to start small and not worry too much. However, as your familiarity with scripting gets better, you will find that variables exist for a reason. They make writing branches much easier and more efficient. If utilized correctly, they save you time and increase the complexity of what you can do. However, start simple and only introduce variables as you are comfortable. The first game I made a long time ago was a silly standard medieval fantasy thief game until I felt comfortable enough to try something more complex. Good luck!


If it is any consolation, almost every author I know has experienced depression like that very often. It’s natural to feel that way. Sometimes writing can feel very lonely, especially if you don’t get the readers you desire, but I do want you to know you’re not alone. It happens often to everyone, including myself, and you’ve already gotten over the first hurdle by deciding to write for yourself. Thing is, the reception of one’s work by readers is fickle and often based on variables that have nothing to do with you. Sometimes you’ll get a surprisingly big reception. Sometimes it’s almost as if you can hear crickets chirping. There’s no real accounting for why either occurs, but it’s rarely personal. You can only rely on yourself.


Inform 7 comes to mind. You don’t have to code at all, you write everything as a sentence.

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I looked it up. It’s really cool, although I’ve gotten to the point where I’m acclimated enough with code that I have a hard time wrapping my head around some of these alternate IF languages. Choicescript does mostly everything I want. If I ever get time, I’ll sit down and look at Inform 7 more. It’s certainly intriguing.

But, for someone like OP, this seems wonderful.