Advice on Gender Neutral family member titles

Hi there everyone! So in this game I’m trying to develop I decided I’m going to swallow my fears of messing up and accidently insulting an identification of people and want to include them in my game world. So now exactly what I’m going to do with handling the physical aspect for a nongendered character, And just worry myself with the whole can or worms is I should include a fourth gender that isn’t nonbinary cause you know demons and other mythical and supernatural creatures, Their biology can be all over the place.

So right on to topic (and the reason why I’m not going to call the possible fourth gender non-binary exactly cause from what I DO know on the subject which isn’t a four-page worthy amount of knowledge. Nonbinary individuals don’t really identify as either traditional gender and work under the identification they are neither male nor female and not a mix of the two? Feel free to tell me if I’ve already screwed that up) A character I’m mentioning at the start is going to be one of the MC’s parents, I decided I wanted Sint to be gender neutral, being of grace that gave their child a start to try and pull themselves up. (it’s helping me also declare and opposing stat or two) So from those of you that likely know more on the subject or just have great suggestions. Do any of you have any ideas for what a good parental title for a gender neutral parent should be?

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Nonbinary is a pretty broad spectrum, people can identify as a mix of male and female, partially male and/or female, not be either of those, or have a fluid gender. It depends on the individual. I personally identify as nonbinary male since my gender is primarily masculine but is also at least partially androgynous most days

One friend of mine has proposed ‘zaza’, which is kind of similar to like ‘mama’ or ‘papa’, and the ‘z’ and ‘x’ sounds are pretty commonly used in nonbinary titles. I’ve seen ‘baba’ used pretty often but it also means ‘father’ in some languages so I’m not sure if that would work for you. I think I’ve also seen ‘mada’ (mixture of ‘mom’/‘mama’ and ‘dad’) used a few times


Seee, this is why I ask these questions, cause I would not have known this otherwise and I can use that to write a more 3D character. So thank you very much for that! =D

Thank you, I was trying to find a good endearing term to use since the whole “you didn’t get along” Option I was just going to use their name, and now I have a nice use for an endearing title. =D

I really like “Mada” from a linguistic angle, because terms for “mother” and “father” are always easy to say. I like the vowel sound “ah” for its positive associations. I like the way “Mada” is literally “ma” and “da”, while also echoing “mama” and “papa”.

The only down side is that it sounds a bit like a mispronounced “mother” when said out loud. That should be okay in text, plus if it is noticed (insert rant on societal expectations) it implies a more active “parent” role.


I’ve heard young people using the word “fam” (short for family) as an all-encompassing term.

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Not sure if you need to know this, but Mx. is commonly used as a gender neutral title in places like England, much like Mrs. and Mr.

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It does! Thank you, at this point any information or advice on the subject I appreciate it cause I’m trying to make this game as inclusive as I can and more I know of the subject the better it will be when I try to get into the mindset for it. =D So thank you, gender neutral titles are good to know, especially as I work to do the coding/writing for a gender neutral MC