A Thousand Miles of Sky (WIP)(demo updated March 10th, 2019)



Bug found in chapter 2, choosing: “Push Isaac out of the way.”


Are you sure that’s a bug and not just the end of the current demo? Many of these errors usually indicate you’ve reached the end of the current release, since the game only goes up to chapter 2… one would assume so.


@Eric_knight: I’m so glad you like it so far! I’m a big sci-fi nerd and I love space opera, so this is definitely influenced by a bunch of different worlds, Star Wars and Firefly both being high on that (very long) list. The character interactions are my favorite part to write, so I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

Regarding Alice: this is not the last the MC will be seeing of her. Perhaps with sufficient groveling the two of them will be able to patch things up :smiley:

@Bugreporter: thanks for the catch! Looks like I misspelled one of my variables, that’s embarrassing. I’ll get that fixed tonight when I get home. Thanks again!



Haha… yeah i love the setting and character creation/interaction thus far, i think my main character is more like “ONE” in “Dark Matter” than Han Solo , goofy with integrity and will to fight a lost cause … hopefully my character won’t end up like ONE in Dark Matter :smile:

and definitely looking forward of meeting Alice again :smile:


Alright, variable typo fixed and I made sure everything actually passed RandomTest this time instead of just throwing files around willy-nilly on Dashingdon.You’d hardly know programming was my day job :sob:

@Eric_knight: Dark Matter is on my watch list, but I haven’t actually started it yet, maybe I should for inspiration :thinking:



one of the plot of Dark Matter is the crew found out that a Cyborg was hidden inside one of the cargo box… which later on became their companion

Perhaps if one of the future Romance Option/friend is a Cyborg will help generate more interest to your work? and whether anyone can trust a programmable cyborg will be good debates :smile:


I’m glad this wip is still going, had me intrigued from start to finish. And we always need more space pirates hehe


Love your style of writing and how the characters have real depth. Definitely looking forward to more :slight_smile:


Thanks for the encouragement and for your patience, it’s been slow-going but I’m still plugging away. I used to be able to spend time on this at work, but it’s been too chaotic lately, haha. There aren’t enough hours in the day. :sob:

@Eric_knight: now I really want to check out Dark Matter, I love discussions about Artificial Intelligence. I’ll keep your advice about a cyborg companion in mind… :robot:


So in “I Am Accidentally A Terrible Person” news, I did not realize this was a thing when I wrote the pronoun selection section of the customs scene, in which one of the options is “Your Majesty”: http://college.usatoday.com/2016/10/03/university-of-michigan-pronouns/

The context of this article is that a student changed his pronouns to “Your Majesty” to protest and belittle his university’s new policy that lets students choose their preferred pronouns and have them reflected on their class rosters. Mockery was 100% not my intention and I sincerely apologize. Pronoun respect is very important to me and I have no wish to be associated with this protest in any way.

The intended context for this part of the customs scene was that the game respects however the MC chooses to define and present themselves, but authorial intent doesn’t mean jack if the reader’s perception is that the narrative doesn’t respect them and is making fun of them. For that reason I have removed this option, and again, I am very sorry if this came off as mocking or belittling. I’m happy to hear any thoughts or concerns about this or any other part of my game that might potentially be problematic.


Current word count: 42,500

They warned us. They told us to fear, to fight. As the robots came for our jobs, our livelihoods, they beseeched us, they begged us. Stand up! Stand up and say, “No! Not today!”

As if one could, as if one should, fight the inevitable. Fight destiny. Such hubris. So very human. What they did not say, what they could not have known, was the undeniable superiority of the gifts the robots would bestow upon the world, gifts freely given.

What hope could we mere mortals have to match such perfection?

As a humble science fiction writer, I can admit when my work is better off in more capable hands. Superior, metal hands. Or claw-like pincers, I don’t discriminate. So let it never be said that I would dare stand in the way of inevitability. Behold, I say! Behold the future.

I present to you, A Thousand Miles of Sky, Chapter 3, as written by Botnik. I for one welcome our robot overlords.

Chapter 3
The Last Conscious Frequency

As you flee your escape together, the last key you become here have little secret bones. She turns deadly ideas here a good social conspiracy, scrambling around until a ship comes barreling in. He has little escape when maintaining with Rami over a moment. But perhaps Isaac hoped that a young mess of a larger research team is still deciding on his head. After considerable reasons of their mind, remembering one here just happened.

What happens with her will wake her if to see your hands. She pulls as well far surprised questions here. Step wiser in skill from your position.

If vigor and unconscious treatments are in its lock, remembering gets you captured. Desperate sentimentality sweeps through at length, neutral seconds away under supervision. You find yourself comfortable there over two metal pods. Your guess from reaching business concluded, again in his seat across your attention focused totally looking anywhere else. There, impatient with them, flail about your own hands. You find another moment to have time.

“That was anticlimactic,” you say.

(it’s uncanny)


I just spent roughly a thousand words describing pajamas. I have no regrets. Spoiler alert: you get to pick your own jimmyjams.


I love PJ’s :heart:


Man, that month was a slog, amite? I don’t know how a 28-day month manages to feel so much longer than all the ones that actually have more days in them, but good riddance. I did manage to get a good amount of writing done because February is a million years long, so at least there’s that.

Current word count: 48,500


The front of the panel opens easily, the locks that would have protected it from tampering having apparently been deemed unnecessary this far into the secured portion of the facility. Inside is a mass of colorful wires, coiled and snaking through the space with little care for order or sense.

You stare blankly into the mass of cords, trying to make sense of them by sheer force of will. When no divine inspiration strikes, you reach in and grab a handful of wires, yanking them free. A shower of sparks pours from the panel, but otherwise nothing else appears to happen.

“Huh, that always works in the vids,” you muse, dropping the mass of wires.


The sun has returned to the frozen northlands I call home and we emerge from our burrows into the light of day like tentative mole people, praying we’ve seen the last of winter’s unforgiving rage, at least for a few months. Writing continues, now that I can leave my house again I’m trying not to let myself get too distracted with the outside world of light and sun rain. New chapter coming hopefully this month or next, god of free-time willing.

(edit: forgot my word count!) Current word count: 51,000

Snippet (I always struggle with how much to reveal with these. On the one hand, I don’t want to give away all the fun parts, but on the other I want them to be at least mildly interesting. Still working on finding a good balance, have a choice about weird food:):

The cupboard is dishearteningly bare when you peek inside, not that you really expected otherwise. You sigh, pawing through the meager offerings of supplements and substitutes, all that remain after the most recent long-haul voyage. Looks like you’re going to have to get creative.

What do you prepare for dinner?

~ I can probably turn this naela protein into a passable virti-meatloaf.
~ Alternatively, the gau mealfish isn’t completely gone, I can make stew with what’s left.
~ Neither of those sound appealing. Bibblewhack leaf casserole it is.

*(writing space food is like my favorite thing ever)


Attaboy, keep plugging along. You’re wearing down the rock, slowly but surely.


Haha, thanks, I hope to have something to show for my efforts soon!


Love this game!! So cool! Hope you keep up the good work​:smiley::smiley:


Thank you so much! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it so far! :grin:


Progress update: I’ve nearly finished coding chapter 3, I hope have it done by the end of this month but there are a lot of little fiddly bits that no one but me will ever notice BUT THEY HAVE TO BE PERFECT, GODSDAMNIT. So I guess we’ll all have to wait and see how that plays out. Sooooooon.

Current word count: 54,000


This is it. Every spacers’ worst nightmare. You squeeze your eyes shut, partly because you read that that will keep them from exploding, but mostly because you’d rather not look your own grisly death in the face.

A moment passes, and then another. You cautiously open one eye. It does not explode, nor are you confronted with the face of death itself, unless death wears a spacesuit and works in pairs.