"A Player's Heart"--Romance and politics at the all-woman Opera!

I enjoyed the game, and the romances were nice, although they seem kind of rushed. Being under HC, I, like @MaryQueen, wish that there were more scenes with LIs.

To end on a positive note, the writing is very nice, and the LIs are all adorable in their own way.


After multiple replays I say I really enjoyed this one. The sats management was simple enough in my opinion. The romances were well done more or less (Jasquillyn was my favorite), the only thing I’d point out here that since Celeine was also a member of the Opera so she obviously meets the MC more it didn’t feel 100%ly alright that she got the same amout of romance content as Jasquillyn and Mevelles got whom the MC meets less often (I didn’t do Myrrs romance route yet so no comment on that). But when I did Js and Ms route I think the amount of romance content was fine, I got some interesting romance scenes here and there and yet it didn’t feel like it got in the way of MC doing her job/having a plot beside the romance (as it feelt to me in the wrestling game).
Anyway even tho there is nothing I can seriously complain about here and generally I liked this game it didn’t feel that special either to me that’d I’d list it among my favourites… maybe if I only count the HC games (tho that’s just personal taste I guess), still I’m really glad to see the first f/f game released under HC.

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Myrr got shafted. She was the 1st romance I tried. I have done J and C so far. J has the most content because she is a patron and she is there fron the 1st play. C wasn’t a bad romance, but I found the whole ‘‘She is your rival’’ but just saying it…doesn’t make it so. We get one fencing scene but thats not enough to make me say ‘Oh yeah she is, she drive me to do better and beat her in a challenge’’ .

Haven’t tried M yet. Last one I have to do.

Personally, I though this game was sweet and beautiful. And I regret the curtain had to go down in the end. Cose I didn’t wanna leave my seat and wish the play never ended.

It was beautifuly written, the pace was great. I was afraid that the ‘Competition’’ that often happen in such a game would be there but I was surprised it wasn’t one of those.

Remind me a bit of that other Game : Broadway 1849 .

If the author ever see this, I do recommand changing that ‘Break a leg’’ for something else.

Also if you ever think of making a sequel, I would want to see more screentime with the romances that we had in this Book. Don’t shove new ones into us.


I think the rivalry thing came off a bit better if my MC was a Deva, or at least it makes more sense than a Deva competing against a Dragon (tho even that was just one scene where C could have still be worried if the audition would go succesfully for her and MC was someone who could be choosen over her since she goes for the same role), when my MC was a Dragon it really came down just to the fencing scene.

This I second. It’s always nice to see already known NPCs/ROs more developed in a sequel instead of getting an entirely new cast.

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yeah imagine a sequel, where that Moustachio Ambassador come for Round 2 :smile:

And in a setting like these, the possibilities are endless. Famine strike? Illness? Opium Addiction? Election? Corrupt Mayor? Scandale!

yeah I know lol I’m letting my imagination run away! But I did say I didn’t want it to end… :sweat_smile:

There is a lot of quiet support for Melissa and her game. I do not have the numbers, but I suspect this title is loved by many.


This gives me some relief. Well I wish they would be more vocal, but it’s still better than what I see here.

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yeah, you go and play in the Electricity Theater! That place is Flithy! (wink wink nudge nudge :wink: )

My heart is with the Opera, and I aint gonna betray it lol .

I’m more interested in playing the same MC, because you can still see the world around trough their eyes . If you change the MC, it become a whole new story . And I guess that’s what you wanted lol .

You know there was this story I read, but I have a shitty memory . I don’t remember the title, cose I think you would love it. Its about Lesbian too . All I recall, is the one quote I took from it which said something like ’ What is the point of being an asshole to society…something something’’ .

As long as it is the same setting, I guess I’ll be happy. Though, dunno. Working for that Electricity Theater, I totally turn them like the Opera and everyone will run away stomping and huffing :sweat_smile:

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I really loved this game! All of the characters, even the minor ones like Rijay, were entertaining and seemed real. My MC romanced J and swooned when J talked about buying her dresses and taking care of her.


I enjoyed this one a fair bit! The writing prose-wise was fairly spot on and overall it really immersed me in the setting. Although, I’ve only played through once and romanced Myrr and, frankly, I found myself wishing there was more screentime for her? It felt like the romantic scenes were fairly brief and the ending was very sudden.

I’ve started a second playthrough as a dragon with my general goal being to romance Mervelles and join the Electricity Theater to see how different things can be. Mostly, I think I’m looking for a bit more “sweetness” out of it? Again, the writing was really good and I enjoyed it but, minor quibbles ^^;


I tried the first chapters for free, got so immersed and into it that I got bummed out when I wasn’t able to continue the rest of the story. I purchased it ASAP and never looked back.

I love how well-written and thought out this was. I was shocked at the timeskip and how everything picked up so fast after it. I kind of expected something else from the MC’s backstory, what with the choices available at the beginning of the story, but the narrative was a good hook that I didn’t mind it until I got to the end.

I romanced Myrr in my first playthrough and it was a short but sweet experience. I hoped there was more development of their romance throughout the course of the game.

One of the strongest points of the game, in my opinion, is the prose and the characterization. Side characters have relatable personalities and feel real.

Overall, it was a very nice read! Kudos to the author. I’ll be watching out for your future works!


Both I & my dragon Amarie enjoyed this thorougly.

First time, she went after Celine. Well, suffice it to say… :smirk:

Will try the others soon. Hopefully there’s a sequel…

Amarie rubs her hands in anticipation, smirking

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My first MC for this game was also a dragon named Amarie! :joy: Can’t remember who she ended up with though (probably Myrr? :thinking: )


Niiiiice! :grin:

I quite like that your girl went with the sweet best friend. Maybe I’ll have her go with Myrr next.

…Especially considering that, while checking out Celine, she was eyeing Jasquillyn as well! Damn flirt… :roll_eyes: