"A Player's Heart"--Romance and politics at the all-woman Opera!

We’re proud to announce that A Player’s Heart , the latest in our popular “Heart’s Choice” line of multiple-choice interactive romance games, is now available for Steam, and on iOS and Android in the Choice of Games Omnibus app.

It’s free to win and 25% off to disable ads until February 20th!

Find love, fame, and intrigue on the stage of the city’s all-woman Opera! Put on a show, survive drama on and off-stage…and win your lover’s heart.

A Player’s Heart is a 222,000-word interactive lesbian romance novel by Melissa Scott. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You’re a rising member of the all-woman Opera company, one of three great theater companies in the glittering rivermouth city of Tristendesande. But Tristendesande’s legal ruler is a three-year-old boy, and his mother the Regent is under ever-increasing pressure from the Castagi Ambassador to rein in the city’s notorious freedoms, the theaters among them. The Opera’s leaders are determined to stay neutral, but the louche, disreputable Electricity Theater—where, scandalously, men and women perform on the same stage, in the same acts—is equally determined to undermine the Ambassador’s influence. And in the hothouse of the theater, love and politics are always entangled.

Who will you choose? Will you seduce your elegant rival at the Opera, Celeine, with a glittering smile and a dancer’s grace, the remains of last night’s paint on her lips as she helps you strive to be your best? Or the innocent Myrr, a genius “artifex” on the stage crew: olive-dark, clever, quick and resourceful, holding you close with strong hands and broad shoulders? Or will it be Mervelles, the daring star of the Electricity Theater, with her dapper suit and deliberately messy dark hair, a nimble and sensuous dancer at home with her contradictions? Or perhaps you’ll have the society hostess Jasquillyn Isalis, with her kohl-lined eyes and hair piled fashionably high, scented with rose perfume, diamonds flashing against her warm ivory skin.

Save the day with your brilliant performance and win your true love’s heart. On and off stage, a player’s heart conquers all!

• Play as female, romancing women.
• Find love with a scandalous rival, a fashionable noblewoman, your reliable friend, or an ambitious fellow actress.
• Choose to play male roles, female roles, or to be a theater technician.
• Show your skill at intrigue in Madam Isalis’s salon.
• Attend a scandalous performance and escape the watch.
• Bring your fellow players together, or seek to outdo them all.
• Court your love in a fencing match or through shared performance.

And now, the curtain rises.

We hope you enjoy playing A Player’s Heart . We encourage you to tell your friends about it, and recommend the game on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other sites.


Man, I love stories like these. But they stress me so much, cose I suck at some stuff in there! But other then that…gimmmmeee! :relaxed:


Bah I’m a sucker for a good romance. There goes more of my monies.

Edits- oh Lordy I get to be a deva. Dance for me peons, dance!


I picked the Artifex, the one who make decorations and such. Think it’s the safer spot from the back stage lol .


I’ve adored opera ever since I was introduced to it in my music history class in college a year or two ago. Opera is one of the most homoerotic things out there (I mean just look at L’incoronazione di Poppea, can you get any more lesbian and sensual?!) and I was beyond ecstatic to hear about this game. It couldn’t have sounded more perfectly suited for me.

And it delivered! I’ve already played all 4 LI’s with different MC’s (although I couldn’t help but choose to play as a deva 3/4 times lol) and they’re all so amazing in their own way. I also liked the different skills we could cultivate and each skill was so detailed! For strength, the fencing scene with Celeine and the show with Mervelles were positively electrifying! As were the dances, the songs, the acting.

Every part of the game was so gorgeously written and well thought out and it’s quickly become one of my most favourite games ever!

(I ended up becoming a principal and joining the advisory committee every time I played as a deva and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the other endings they got. I imagine there’s probably an ending where you only become principal and not part of the committee? I know you can also join the Electric Theatre but are there other endings?


I love this story, lol I’m full on for romance
But I don’t like Heart’s Choice much… CoG and HG are WAY better imo…


Finished a couple of playthroughs and I have to say that it’s great. The game’s a bit short in terms of length but it’s wonderfully written. Was a bit surprised that the heat level ended up being Level 2 instead of Level 1 as described in the Announcement thread, but I’m not complaining, the scenes were pretty hot (especially the bathhouse scene with Celeine). Very happy with my purchase.


I picked dragon. I get to crossdress? Sign me up! Anyway the demo seems promising, I’m waiting excitedly till I can buy the whole game (monthly budge limitations for myself and all that).

Tho tbh here I’m still on the opinion that the HC apps original release should have waited till this game is ready for release too. That would have been fairer (again I wont argue for a staright male focused game in the name of fairness, bc they get plenty enough content already, when it comes to movies or games)


I bought this one after playing a couple of the chapters. It’s opera and historical (well, not totally, because it’s a fantasy world, but close enough) and I just couldn’t resist. :joy: Also I’m picturing the whole thing in my head like it’s a yuri anime because why not.

I chose dragon too, because in real life male characters are often a lot more developed and get to do all the cool stuff (which is a problem, of course, but I’ve looked at a musical before and gone “hmm, if I had any talent I’d like to play the main character here, rather than the boring girlfriend” so that sort of was the reasoning behind my choice).

I do think I’ll regret missing out on all the pretty dresses a bit, but on the other hand I’m clumsy enough while in clothes you can move in (man, the somersault scene when you choose strength as your weakness! :laughing: That was so me. I could never manage it, not even as a child.) That, and having to cut my hair short. I mean, the other girl got to keep hers long! So unfair. :stuck_out_tongue:

And then I get the random fop just hanging about character. I was so born for that role! Couldn’t be happier about it. :grin:

All the politicking is leaving me a bit dizzy already, though unsurprisingly I’m drawn to the scandalous revolutionaries like a moth to the flame. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I have no idea what it is, but I just find myself smiling the whole time I am playing this game.


My Gosh, this is so sweet, so beautiful, just soo much…ARGH! I’m dying here!

Also…Myrr :kissing_heart:

Anyone figure out who are all the romances?


All I know is my inner floozy is strong! I have never chosen, I thought I knew who I wanted, But I really want her instead, so much!

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So…you are romancing yourself then? well thats original :sweat_smile:


Don’t hate me because I am beautiful!


Does anyone else have something like this on Android

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Haven’t completed my first playthrough yet, but the writing flows beautifully and I love the fact that the MC can be trans. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ve played through 3 times so far, 2 as Deva, and one as a dragon. The writing is great and the story is great as well.

However, (don’t know if I should blur this or not, but I’ll err on the side of caution for those who haven’t read it) many of the character choices you have at the beginning don’t come into play at all. For example, your previous address and whether or not to change your name based on your relationship to your parents. Unless I missed something. Also, after the introduction the story plays with the same story beats regardless of your choices at the beginning.

Ultimately, what I’m saying is that, for me, while it is already very good, it had the opportunity to be really great.


I liked this game, the LIs were interesting, but still… It’s a romance game but it didn’t feel like there were much scenes with the LIs? My mc was with celaine, I liked her but it felt like she didn’t have much screen time. Maybe with the other LIs is different, I’ll try, but I felt other games managed the romance aspect better. I don’t mean to offend anyone, because I liked the game, it just didn’t feel like the romance aspect was so good. I felt especially strange how at some point all the LI try to flirt with the Mc, even if my mc didn’t show any interest. I mean, for some of the LI it makes sense, but ALL of them? I mean, it felt strange. If other cog have the problem that you have to flirt even if you’re character is shy to unlock the romance, in this it’s the opposite problem: everyone (of the LIs) seems to want to gets in your pant.
Apart of this, I liked the game, it just didn’t feel like one of the best regarding the romance.


I’ve had this issue on other games from choice of games and hosted games where would I report that in the Google store or somewhere in one of the forms

Ok thanks