Zoo Base

I am developing a browser-independent IF hybrid called Zoo base under Joy-Toilet Collectives. The entire game is drawn out in text-mode via your system terminal which means it can run on everything from as far back as an IBM AT (there’s even a version in 6502/BASIC) because it doesn’t so much as touch your GPU, then again the interlaced color wouldn’t do too well on that monochrome. The game takes place in the same universe as Tarn Adam’s Star Zoo (2002) but is not a direct sequel or prequel of any sort. With that being said it should be noted that I do have permission to use this title.

2D aspects are apparent but there is an emphasis on ANSI/ASCII since well, there are limitations with th API. Capt. Hauser down there with the yellow face is the result of some text/window manipulation. The game itself is a collection of scenarios where the player assumes the role of the Commanding Officer at Zoo base following a specific set of events, examples are seen below. the game is well into development and will be out as freeware as soon as the internal mechanics are stable.

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yeah!!! star zooo!! Man for a moment I was worried that you where plagiarising Tarn’s game, due to the name of this topic looking very close to “star zoo” and also due to me taking a look at the photos before reading, and I was about to call you out on it, but then I read the Information about the game and I happy that you have permission to use the title and that you are doing this! :slight_smile:

Note: Zoo Base isn’t dead, never was. Development updates were moved to


Note: Oh and I need a content developer =] email me chrislejohn[at]gnovahex[dot]net. Include experience if any and a little about yourself if you don’t mind.

Along with screenshots to avoid spaghetti threads of obscure updates. Still, I failed to keep this thread up to date and it was a shame because I understand how important this forum is to this game as it is very much in the vein of classic Adventure text-based games than it is a rogue-like thus the community being much more valuable as far as input. Anyhow:

Zoo Base 1.9 (current)
[+] Stabilized a buggy main menu screen.
[+] Added the K-12 launch “rocket”.
[+] Stripped the side interface to make sense for an ASCII game.
[+] Balanced variables containing Zoo Base stats.
[+] Edited and added more dialogue to the text-based portion.

To Do: (Zoo Base 1.18)
Add more space battles/mini-games.
Polish space battles/mini-games.
Fine tune random events.
Implement mutiny.
Add ascii “smoke” physics.
Test parser.
Distribute build

To Do: (Zoo Base 1.22)
Add Multiplayer mini-games.
Port to Mac.
Test platforms for text-mode adaptations (CGA/EGA/MDA/VGA)

To Do: (Zoo Base 2.0)
Port to Android.

For those interested I’ve posted a video update here:

The above updates/changelogs are outdated. We’ve decided to release all future change logs on an as-is basis

Zoo Base is a base-management sim that strives to maintain the aesthetic integrity of its spiritual predecessor Star Zoo(2002). Our goal is to create a game that takes place in a persistent universe, allowing the player to explore and exploit hisher environment seamlessly; while aspiring to solve the obscure mysteries of a largely unknown universe. Zoo Base is an ongoing project.

here are several distinct gameplay modes:

Roguelike (RL): wherein the player wanders the base (and maybe other planets/asteroids/cyberworlds). Roguelike sections present a top-down view of the player’s avatar in the game world, and the player can freely move around and interact with things in the world.

Interactive Fiction (IF): for basically anything interactive, like terminal access, conversations, management of base personnel. If sections comprise a block of text and a series of options which the player can select to unlock the next bit of text.

Expeditions: Leave the comfort of the base to go on a long-term expedition into the unknown. Expeditions also comprise RL and IF sections, but they’re based on the ship (or other worlds), rather than the research facility. The player loses fine control of the base while away, but might be able to make some broad decisions (in the event of invasions, riots, research being completed, creatures escaping)

A look at Alpha-2