Zombie role-play


After some browsing on the forums I did not see any active forum role-play’s and since this is a community of writers I was wondering if anyone on the forums would be interested in one. If so then I will write up a story for one and get it started.


There was a huge role-play burst, and soon they were clogging up the forums, so they were locked and banned from the forums.


Wait if this is not game then DONT DO IT!!!All role-playing on this fourm is banned becouse it takes feedback away from games


Well that’s a shame, they are a good way for everyone to express their writing ability without having to deal with difficult coding.


We might get away with it if we just PM each other but I badly dont want to risk it


Is there any forum admins that we could make an appeal to? Maybe make a new category for rps to keep the clutter down?


I dont think so…But we could go to another site where rpgs are allowed


Well there is a rp on another forum that has been going for over a year that i was a part of, but the forums members have died off and as a result the rp is coming to a close soon unless it gets more active members. I came here partially in search of a new place to start one up lol.


A few members here have started RP boards. I have an active one at.


It does not seem to have had any activity in a very long time.


What do you mean?If you mean 90% of the user the are spammers or somthing but they have NEVER posted once


i don’t get anything you guys are saying what are talkin bout


RPs are banned.

The design of the forums does not really allow us to reduce clutter by much, we cannot mod every RP thread, and we cannot leave them unmodded otherwise drama in those will inevitably end up spilling over into the rest of the forum. If you would like to look for a place RP, there are a few threads about looking for other boards up. Please use one of those.