Zombie novel idea


I am writing a novel (not a CoG game) and i am having a hard time thinking of ideas
There was formerly about 30 pgs (10k words) written but I have scrapped it and have started fresh and am nearly at 1k words
The zombie apocalypse has begun out of nowhere, no warning whatsoever and the book picks off 1 year in the future and tells of bad times then goes back to the first day of the apocalypse.
Main character #1
Scott Nex,30 years
he is the biggest character and will serve as the leader of his group
Traits: great leadership skills, people skills and charm. Also not bad in a fistfight, is trained in the use of firearms
Main character #2
Jayne Payne, 31 years (I know😂)
Is shy and nice, has to big of a heart for the apocalypse… although that will change
Traits: very intelligent and serves as the backup leader for the group
Main Antagonist
Hunter Claw
A Very ruthless and evil person he runs a bad girl and will do anything to get what he wants
Traits:basically an evil version of Nex with slightly more charisma. The exception of which is being a very troubled man :worried:
Main (mostly) character #3
Ruby Garcia, 29 years
a bad mouthed, tough daddy’s boy, Ruby is very aggressive in her actions and wants nearly everything, she had a quite spoiled childhood
traits: is very tough and buff but is quite dimwitted, extensive knowledge in firearms and is quite good at killing

K guys just wanted some ideas to feed my brain and I will update the character list if some feedback is shown. All ideas, characters and feedback is appreciated.


Always down for thinking up ideas!

(Also, Jayne Payne is my new favorite name. :joy:)

So it sounds like your story is like in the Zombie Apocalypse but isn’t the focus of the story. (Antagonist #2: the setting!) Anyway, there’s this part of me that is just thinking of the Wild West (but like apocalypse version) and your main dude, Scott Nex could be like the “sheriff” in a way? You know keeping the peace, making sure all the citizens of the town are safe and what not, etc. Jayne Payne can be the “deputy.”

So, the big bad dude can be like someone who saw his family turn into zombies right in front of him. (That would make him seem not really big bad but more misunderstood villain?) Well, he represses all that trama and just wants to get on with his Zombie Apocalypse life and he realizes that this Scott fella is like in the way. So Hunter Claw is like, “There’s another Sheriff in town,” and breaks the main group in two.

Well that was fun! Good luck on your story!

(I’m sorry I turned it into a Zombie Apocalypse Wild West! :joy:)


Thanks for the advice!
Hunter claw’s life was (inadvertedly) ruined by Scott Nex so he hates him. And yes I want it to be kinda like a more phycalogical thriller type thing. It will really focuses on the “how far is too far” aspect for people.
And I suppose it depends on your perspective if Claw is really evil kinda like negan in the walking dead I see him as kind of good


My bad! :joy: I was getting on a roll with that Wild West idea. (You can always use it on your next book, lol.)

Maybe, MAYBE our good pal Hunter Claw is like a “monster in the castle.” (I think that’s the horror trope) So for the first part of the novel something is going on, besides the Zombie apocalypse of course, and everyone in the group is on edge. They do not know he is lurking around and doing somethings. Then it flashes to the past where the reader meets Hunter Claw somehow and the reader can be like: Ah!


Ya I will think about the Wild West idea lol!
Ya I think the flashback scene should happen just after they lost everything (with a few subtle hints in between)


I don’t know how much progress you have made on your novel, but it always feels nice to see someone working on their own creative ideas and making their dream come true. Great to see you creating your own universe.
From my own experiences, I know that it’s hard to think of a good plot, and then keep up the intensity, and then actually finish it; and there’s always an issue of the author themselves being satisfied. I know the feeling. No matter how much effort you put in your project, you’re in a constant state of vulnerability which bugs you, always reminding you that it can be better. That is natural; a little bit of self-scrutinizing actually helps to make it better. I think you are good enough to imagine your own universe, so I am not gonna dictate you on how you should proceed with your characters. I would rather say, be patient with yourself. Sometimes we are just broke, no satisfactory ideas come out of our minds. That’s something that happens to everyone. So, here’s what I do. When I am running out of ideas, I just stop. Then and there. Then, sometimes, what might span from a few days to a few months, an idea pops out of my mind, and I resume. That way, it takes time. But the end product is worth it. And when I start writing, I don’t envision what the end is gonna be. I just write and let the story take its own way. It feels more natural this way.
Now this is a zombie story, so I am assuming you are willing enough to make it gruesome, gory, and sometimes, uncomfortable for the readers, too. And I think it would be great not to tag the characters in a certain way. Everyone has a reason for becoming what they are, and nothing in this world is absolutely black or white, we all have different shades of grey within us. I hope you are willing to explore that, too. And one more thing, there should be some bends and turns in some points of the story where there should be moral dilemma, and you have to leave it for the readers to think about, those are the moments which make a lasting impression on their minds.
In my experience, the interpersonal relationships are vital cogs to any story. So, I’ll appreciate it if you are convenient with going deep into the exploration of the characters and the dynamics of the change in their relationships with each other.
Best of luck for the upcoming days. A.


Wow thanks for the kind words!! i will certainly follow your advice! i have a loose outline of where i want it to go but other then that i will just let the story take me where it leads. i am very exited to get to those many moral dilemmas…
i have had to slow down with my writing for a while because of writer’s block but i have finally overcome it and will try and get as much done from now!


i am thinking of doing a little poll for who the love interest should be for Scott Nex

  • Jayne Payne
  • Ruby Garcia

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Don’t count my vote it was an accident


If anyone would like to help/co write PM me or just post it here