Zombie Exodus: Stronghold (Chapters 1-3 test version)

This is the beta thread for Zombie Exodus: Stronghold.

These are the first 3 chapters (out of 25) of the game that sets up the rest of the story. The demo is over 45,000 words and includes character creation, introduction to the MC’s best friends, and the inciting incident (which sets the story in motion). I plan to update this story at least once per month, since my goal is to finish writing this by the end of 2024.

About the Game

I originally wrote this game last year for another company called StoryLoom. However, they have since gone out of business. When that happened, I approached Hosted Games and asked if I could publish it with them instead. They agreed, and I am now in the process of converting the game to Choicescript.

Since StoryLoom had a very simple, linear format, I am taking this opportunity to expand Zombie Exodus: Stronghold by adding more character customization options, alternate paths, and other enhancements.


It’s been a year since the world fell victim to the zombie outbreak, and you’ve managed to survive within the imposing walls of Stronghold, a fortress built for the privileged and the wealthy. But today, everything changes. A sudden breach in the fortress’s defenses allows the undead to swarm in, unleashing chaos within the compound. Now, it’s a fight for survival, for you and your friends. The task is clear: escape the fortress, outrun the growing horde, and avoid the deadly bite of the virus.


Alexander “Alex” Hawthorne—Brave, loyal, and decisive, but can be stubborn and emotionally guarded. Tall, athletic build, short dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a scar on his left cheek.
Background: Former military officer who lost his family to the zombie outbreak.

Aldor—a rugged, middle-aged man with a wild mane of dark hair and a beard. As one of Stronghold’s jovial cooks, he’s a friend to many, known for his hearty laughter and generous spirit, treating all within the fortress as friends.

Harmony—with her sharp Midwestern twang, she stands as the fortress’s talented but acerbic engineer. Her loyalty is as unmistakable as her quick wit and impulsive nature, often found tinkering or swearing over stubborn bolts, her hands as dirty as her humor.

Jasmine Patel—Petite and graceful, with vibrant eyes and long, wavy dark hair often adorned with flowers or pins. Was studying for her master’s in education when the outbreak hit. She now focuses on education within Stronghold, believing knowledge and community are key to survival.

Julian—the suave London-born entertainer of Stronghold, captivates with his piano melodies and rich vocals. His humor masks a lack of courage, yet his intelligence and extensive vocabulary are as renowned as his performances in The Last Note Lounge.

Siena—a combat instructor at Stronghold, she’s a model of strength and agility. Her friendly demeanor barely conceals a South African accent, and her transparent emotions reflect a life dedicated to discipline and protection within the fortress’s walls.

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Note: Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 is still in development and will release next year.


I think it’s safe to say we’re going all the way with a Zombie Exodus-verse in HG…

…well, if that’s the case;


I’m so pleased to see this project rise from the dead (heh) after the original wasn’t able to continue. Congrats and best of luck!


I am relieved to see this work survive and be transplanted into the CS engine, where I suspect it will thrive alongside the other Zombie Exodus works.


This is a good fundation of a more packed story driven game


Liked it so far. One thing I found a little jarring was that losing at poker was why the MC had the extra shift. Seemed like a missed opportunity for character development. Maybe you don’t gamble or always cheat or are covering for a friend instead?


I love it so far but I think it would’ve been cool to add an option to be one of the residents of stronghold

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I can add that. Each profession has its own short intro, so I would have to do a similar choice for each.

I thought about adding this as an option. It would change a lot of the game going forward, so I would have to think if it was possible given the timeframe of development.


Sad that happened to storyloom, I was one of the readers there and some of the stories there have potential.


Congratulations for keeping this long-running series alive!


@JimD good to see another game in the world youve created. do we allways get infected by that zombie?


I played a similar game like this but I forgot what name of that site.

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Yes, the main premise is the MC racing against the clock as the infection runs its course. I wanted it to differ from the other ZE games and be super fast-paced.


Excuse while I guess how your story shapes out…don’t blame me if I have an inkling of how the story goes, blame all the books, tv, movies, video games, etc… for running every zombie premises where people get infected conceived :grimacing:

So is this in the same world of the two other game? How one outrun the infection? In other two games the infection is short like few hours not even a day pass and people turn like Sifir after the battle of the hill.

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We never actually see Sifer change, she left before that could happen.


I gotta say, this might end up being my favorite ZE game, this looks great.


You have many project now, my only hope is you stay healthy and always take rest when you feel tired after hour of writing so you don’t get sick :+1:


Huh, I actually prefer the stat (skill, whatever it’s called) system in this one over the one in Safe Haven (even if I managed to accidentally put my doctoring skill at 115% or so).