Zombie Exodus *Spoilers*


I want to share a choice option that makes me goofily giggle everytime.

Relationship with Mindy, both of us hiding out in the supermarket above a wave of angry zombies while we were trying to find Eugene and Devlin, my MC’s thoughts? ‘make love to Mindy’. He maybe surrounded by a sea of murderous zeds, coming down with a debilitating illness and with no hope of rescue, but hey! Maybe banging his girlfriend over the sound of the hungry dead will raise his spirits. That’s if he doesn’t puke in her mouth first.

My favourite choice option of all times, I don’t know what you were thinking at the time @JimD but I’m glad you did think of it.


Around the time when I wrote that scene, I had a rather [sarcasm]eloquent[/sarcasm] email from a reader asking me to put in a scene where the MC can have a sexual encounter with Mindy. I wrote the scene in Temperance for that reader :innocent:


Well it WAS an encounter I’ll give you that, poor zed though. Covered in my sexually frustrated puke


What are the codes for the supply depot?


How do you get the achievements listed.

  1. Cheer Leader: High morale.
  2. Social Elite: Best friend to all.
  3. Perfect Match: True romantic relationship.
  4. Weapon Master: Find all hidden weapons.


Have your girlfriend/boyfriend stat at least 80 when you survive the exodus. The other three I’m trying to achieve myself


Can you pursue candace


Nope. I admit, Candace was the one NPC I really wished for being available.