Zombie Exodus *Spoilers*


i believe he was there to stole in first place or he was totally in a hell drunken high state to sleep in car with fresh blood when he enter he says he was there for hours i like Devlin i romance him frequently but i recognise all is fishy when you meet him lol i don’t believe i trust him in rl situation


Hahaha. I do actually believe that he got so absolutely drunk that he decided to crash in a car without even paying much attention to the blood-stains on the front seat. I do wonder what happened to the person who was in the passenger seat though that caused the blood.


In my game it seems Delvin is hetero or at least opposite sex attracted as he talked to me about his ex girlfriend so all is cool :slight_smile:


Haha yeah I used to think Devlin was just a punk but now im glad that I picked him up he has a lot of character that I just browsed over previosly defenatly one of my more favorable characters.
I have a slight suggestion but its more of a query how big of coding and storywrighting work would it take to put a kind of a general trading scene in? I meen like 5 days of water for some much needed gasoline and maybe ten days of food for adequete medical supplies or cathedral upgrades or supply upgrades like explosives or a water distilation kit. I understand much of this would take huge storyline warping and coding but you work very hard and efficiantly so maybe this would be like an hours work for you. If you were to need any specific ideas as to trading and whatnot just PM me and I could give you a list of ideas and a balanced trading sheet. Of course this is all just an idea overall as usual.


Oh my bad, I just glanced at the code and if you’re male and in a relationship with Devlin then his ex is male, otherwise his ex is female.


I still can’t believe Devlin was a lawyer!!! =P~


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@juggernaut I was a surprise to me too, I was like - " Like, Lawyer Lawyer?"


I certainly wouldnt have thought lawyer because he can really pull of the whole BA zombie slaying survivalist deal.


he was a LAWYER ??? where did he stole the title??? @-)


If you stay in the cathedral devlin becomes the mayor of “new washington” carl came back someday and told me that emily wasn’t dead tom spent his all money to the cathedral made her move to an another city by force and then when this all started emily just took off, left him but if you stay in the cathedral emma dies horribly but temperance become a city thanks to you


Is there a way to save the daughter of Colin, uncle lou, dave, starr, the women in the shack ( looking for her sons and husband) is there a way of romance with candace or kelly? Can you say alternative ends i found a military bunker which is huge and full of recources after we left as a group except heather and tom. Crane and emily got married had children
On second time i stayed in cathedral after killing tom :smiley: we rebuilt the city survivors came in but emma died :frowning: devlin becomes mayor of an another new city mindy became the mayor of temperance oh and i let badger to be with us and then in the ending he wasnt mentioned. I think you didnt thought that someone will accept a raider to his/her group right? :slight_smile: so what are the other endings


Before reading, this is a bit of a spoiler for one of the ending’s to Exodus, along with a choice which had a massive impact.

I thought I’d like to share one of my run throughs which really shocked me of how much if affected me.
I managed to get the vaccine ending, which I would think ‘hey, this ending must be the best I could get!’ I was actually terribly mistaken. I could not beat the final battle, but after Countless attempts I broke through and survived until the last zombie, but it was the next page that it came at a incredibly huge price… I ended up, without realising, sacrificing Emma. This really hit me hard as I grew so attached to her character through the sibling bond her and the MC share and did all the decisions to benefit her the most. It was heartbreaking, instead of her being bitten when it was the vaccine scene it was some other survivor called Jasmine which described her to be much like Emma and it kept piling on the tragedy and guilt I felt. It got to the point where I didn’t want to read the ending’s summary, I simply skimmed through it because I just felt all that effort and Emma’s death wasn’t worth it at all.

This is why I love this game, I’ve never been so emotionally destroyed by the death of somebody who doesn’t even exist, it builds these bonds so high and it isn’t afraid to punish you cruelly if you slip. I ‘won’ this ending a few days ago and I still feel the guilt from my choice, that’s just incredible.

I tip my hat to the creator of this game, you may not realise it, but this game is an absolute masterpiece in my eyes.

P.S, I’m not ashamed to say I cried over Emma, such an innocent and positive character and paid for my mistakes.


@Nathan_Faxon thanks for sharing that experience. As a writer, I find it extremely satisfying to hear that a character had a profound effect on someone.

One person pointed out there is no “good” ending in ZE.


I agree with that, each ending has its own downfall, some more severe than others. After all it’s the apocalypse, no room for fairy tale ending’s :smile:


Hi, I’v just started to read and play this game. :slight_smile: Btw I’v just got some wonder about… before the chapter - in to the city - starts, when they just got out from the building, one of the characters, Candace, says “My boyfriend called, and he’s heading outside the city as soon as we reach him. We’re going to run there now.” At this point, I thought I was looking for a phone to call my sister. Why am i not asking her to use her cellphone? Just wondering…


Good point there, but mostly I think it’s because you can achieve a cellphone before meeting Candace and Mindy. It’s not the last you seen of those two either :wink:


@karu I will add a check so that if the player has no cellphone, Candace can mention she called Carl from her apartment and carries no phone :smile:


Aha… I see. thanks for the kind replies. I am slowly getting into it now. :blush: As non-native speaker, I read it not only a game but also a way to study English. It’s clear writting made me possible to read and enjoy it apart from other txt based games. That was a main reason for me to download ‘A wise use of time’ as well.


The game is a long read but very much worth it. You love characters and grow dislike to others, get to know them as if they were a real person. I will not spoil anything for you, it’s best you find out for yourself what happens but do let us know what characters are your favourite! And possible romances as well