Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven: Part Three Discussion Thread

Are you talking about the next game? If so, I am trying to come up with a plot, but I would like to give the option for players to import their characters from ZE:SH.

Part 4 is up to a word count of 260,000. I’m about a third of the way there :slight_smile:



Playing as a Teenager in Part 3, I got to the point where the character is prompted about any potential attractions within their group while at the junkyard. My only option is “I’m not interested in anyone” but when I go to check my stats, my Main Romantic Interest is shown as Madison.

Is this a bug, or is it a deliberate feature because of the of the characters in question?

That’s almost certainly a bug.

Yeah that’s strange.

It’s been a while since I played part 3 and I can’t remember how you get to the point where in the museum, you get Mel to tell you where the hostages are. Does anyone remember what you need to do/skill you need?

Have one of Leadership, Intimidation, or Persuasion be high (Level 4 clears most checks, Level 5 clears nearly all of them, only the corner cases require Level 6+, and Mel is not a corner case. Clinch it with boosting clothing if you wish). The choice that matches the stat will be the one that gets her to crack.

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Is there a person I should speak to (before Mel) or anyone works like Checker, Lena, or Percy?

Anyone works IME.

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when Jillian announces that she is pregnant,is it possible to avoid that scenario if we provide the birth control pills?

Nah she’s pregnant. If you give her the birth control pills, she finds out about it at a later date.

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Found a couple of small errors while playing part 3:

Anyway can’t wait till part 4!

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Really? , Then any idea whether the child will be MCs or lyles ? Like she was active with him before his departure.

If MC is not in a relationship with her (or if MC is in a relationship with her and they are not male), it’s Lyle’s. If MC is male and in a relationship with her, it’s MC’s. I think JimD says as much in the Part 4 beta page.


Thanks for the info.

I really want to know if the child’s mine. So I can decide whether to kick her out of the RV

Lol the forum turned into a parenting simulation.


I guess that will be reworked, as per his own statement.

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I have a question. During my most recent playthrough, while at the wreckage in Part 2 with Woody, Jamie and Rachel, Rachel revealed she had a cat with her, specifically Booger- Fred’s cat. Then it never came up again. I wonder if something about me reading those bonus stories played a factor? I wasn’t romancing Rachel but I was friends with her and hoped to see something else come of the cat but it basically ceased to exist. Was that a bug or?

Rachel never had Booger with her. She had Puddkes (the cat from the 3-story home), who shows up in Part 2, but is not mentioned in Part 3.

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Ah yeah thats right, my mistake. Got my cats confused.