Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 7/25/2022, 110,000+ words

I honestly hope Safe Haven is the last for awhile. There are so many other genres JimD could kill tackling, as we saw with A Wise Use Of Time, which I feel is some of his best work.

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I want Safe Haven to continue.

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The question wasn’t if safe Haven would continue, but if there would be another zombie game after that one and I’m also of the mind that a genre switch would be more interesting. I was also a fan of a wise use of time and seeing more stuff like that could be interesting

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I wasn’t trying to answer a question

Thank you. This is very helpful.

I am already committed to 5 parts for Safe Haven. I also have another zombie game in the works that is not in the same universe as ZE. If people continue to enjoy Safe Haven, I will keep going.

Actually, this is a good segue to talk about one of my other stories. Zombie Exodus: Aftermath has become one of my most popular interactive stories on Patreon. I’ve created public versions of the first six chapters that anyone can read. Find out what life is like 10 years after the outbreak.



A good short story :smiley:

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Why cant The College student romance Madison?, but if your a teenage male u can romance Rachael or Jillian.

Rachel is a red herring. She’s faking interest in you, which she reveals in Part 3, and breaks things off since you’re too young.


You can, however, counter this by having someone else be your main interest and her being the second.

It’s a bit inconsistent on Jim’s part sure. Hence why I hope the whole “age restrict” gets abolished entirely. It’s the end of the world, who really cares about ones age when it comes to love.


Plenty of people, including me. The age restriction is there for a reason.


Debatable on the plenty of people bit, considering the general age of consent is 16. But you do you eh.


Sounding kinda sus there, man. Besides the fact that it’s weird, no sane adult in their late to early 30s(most of the RO) is going to bother being romantically involved with a 17 yr old. They’re more likely to think your MC is a brat infatuated with them, rather than a potential partner.


Also, age of consent means nothing when talking about morality and logic. That’s its own thing: law. And law does not matter in the apocalypse, yeah, but morality and logic still do.


If its Someone in their 30s dating a 17 year old that should be restricted. But college student which is most likely 20, 18 or 19 is obviously understandable dating a 17 year old.

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I understand that rachel says it in a false way but why is jillian dating the teenage mc? (although I’m not complaining :eyes:)

and for rachel, technically she would only have to wait for the mc to get 18 and there would be no problem, right?

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That’s how the author explained it. She only did to gain trust from the mc and work together. Cos this isn’t an issue if u pick an adult but it’s shame she’s ill right now so no ro with her for a while


Can we try not to get into this again, it’s a topic that basically goes nowhere every single time




Or you could just not join their discussion

Well, we are still waiting for someone to justify jillian with the teen mc.

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