Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 Public Beta - updated 7/25/2022, 110,000+ words

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven — Part Four continues your story as you leave the Silverthorne Militia’s camp and return to the junkyard.

This is the discussion thread for the release of Part 4. Please ask questions, leave comments/reviews, report bugs or errors, and suggest additions to the game in this thread…

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ZE:SH F requently Asked Questions

Release Date for Part 1: 10-28-16
Release Date for Part 2 1.0: 3-21-18
Release Date for Part 2 2.0: 3-21-19
Release Date for Part 3 1.0: 3-3-22

This beta includes 56,000+ words.

RO as of this latest release (3-21):
Bailey: playersexual
Brody: bisexual
Gina: bisexual, aromantic
Jillian: bisexual
Jaime: bisexual
Kelly: playersexual
Lopez: bi/homosexual, (relationship +75 needed if female + high persuation)
Madison: playersexual
Rachel: playersexual
Reilly: playersexual, bisexual
Rosie: lesbian (and nb MCs)
Tommy: homosexual (and nb MCs)
Woody: bi/heterosexual , (relationship +75 needed if male + high persuasion)

Coming ROs in Part 4:
Allison: playersexual, teen
Anders: playersexual
August: playersexual, teen
Monica: playersexual


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Congratulations, I started playing part 4 and the game continues at a high level. Early on in the game, when Jaime and Sean start arguing, I choose to stop the fight, and even then, a few scenes later, Jaime shows up with his hands hurt from hitting Sean and like I didn’t stop before the fight started.


Gina, Gina, Gina… I gotta say, I like the change, or at least the little bit of it. Though naturally, same ol cougar with same old drive of insatiablity.

Other than punctuation and spelling/typo issues, solid, though kinda expected more interms of aftermath of things.


Haven’t had a chance to look at it in detail, but I did notice a couple of things: Firstly, August is called Alex a couple of times. Secondly, there’s no option to tell him you’d be interested in romance without saying you’re already in a relationship (whether you are or not). Shouldn’t there be an option to say something along the lines of “I’m not dating anyone right now, but I am looking for a relationship.”?

Also, I think August might be getting the short end of the stick with deaths, as he’s the first character checked, but he’s almost guaranteed not to be the MC’s highest-relationship character, so if anyone dies, it will be him if he’s there. This makes it a bit hard for a teen player to try to romance him (since someone who wanted that would probably have invited him along). Would it make sense to skip his death and go to Fred instead for teen MCs, or at least if august_like is already 1? :thinking: (EDIT: I note that the CheckNPC subroutine does check for august_like above 0, but will replace him if any other characters have higher relationships since, again, he’s checked first.)



You hear a collective around from the crowd, and here Sean wheezing as he grabs his chest.

Missing word after the bolded word.

You hear a collective around from the crowd, and here Sean wheezing as he grabs his chest.


You give him a quick pat on the head, and him and Mishy she run off towards the parking lot.

Remove the bolded word.

You point at the and say, “This is your whole gang. I can tell you are lying just to get Thelma to let you go with Kevin.”

Missing word after the bolded word.

Brody takes one of the pails and tosses the water from it onto the flames While they work, Tommy rushes inside at a full sprint.

Put a full stop after the bolded word.

Coding error, in the choice: “Take the off-road path. The ${vehicle} can handle it, and we will catch up to the bandits much faster.”

Though the off-road path looks uneven and bumpy, this motorcycle should be able to handle the rugged terrain.

My vehicle is Armored SUV.

I think the bolded word should be changed this code:


Also restrict yourself to smaller bills spread out during the day."



It is supposed to say “were” and not where. It also makes the same mistake a little later in the chapter.

  • The Makarovs—you know them well. They broke into your house in the early days of the outbreak. They tied up Woody while they stole from you. They robbed Kelly’s house. They make trouble wherever they go, and now they joined the bandits to kidnap Kevin.

This is not true for every MC, right? I think the father and son had tried to break into my MC’s house but failed?

  • You look through the members of your group. Their faces look drawn and tired, their eyes drooping. You feel drained from the events of the day, but every minute that passes puts Kevin in more danger. Is he even alive? They took him for a reason You have to go after him now.

When the MC returns to the junkyard and learns about what had happened, I think that not every MC would support rescuing Kevin, especially because it immediately sounded like Kevin had possibly caused the situation. It would be nice to have a choice about supporting the rescue attempt or opposing it. (My MC is not the group leader, Rachel is.)

  • Before you leave the main house, you check in on Rachel. She lies on the couch in the living room, her face covered in sweat. She’s shivering, and a bedsheet covers her body which she holds to her chin.
    You wince as pain shoots through your ribs. You check the wound—it’s not bleeding.

My MC had not been injured.


Thanks! I believe I fixed the issue you listed in your spoiler.

The aftermath is coming. I just wanted to keep the pace up and show that even when you are not at the junkyard, things are happening that you can’t control.

I believe I fixed all of these issues and made the changes you suggested as far as August is concerned.

@Bugreporter thank you for pointing out those errors. I have fixed them.

Thank you. I think I have caught these.

@fisheye These will be in the next batch of issues I fix. Thank you very much for pointing them out!


He is factoring in other factors, not just yours.

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Oh ok I thought he was only factoring my factors

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First set of detailed comments

The cost was too steep, and you could not bear losing a member of your group.

A little redundant, since the cost was losing a member of the group.

You glance over at Rachel who sleeps sitting up with her head resting against the shoulder strap of her seatbelt.

Would you be able to see her from the motorbike?

Now you have five more @{(ideal >= 50) members to contribute to the success of your group|mouths to feed.}

This appears even if August and Allison didn’t join. (Also, needs full stop/period after “group”.)

A set lead towards the Junkyard and a separate set leads away.


Brody works despite only using one arm.

This feels like a very awkward way to word it.

*elseif not(with_dante)
  *goto BucketKnit

It looks like Dante and Gina can be mentioned here even if they’re already dead or never joined.

Brody turns @{brody_shot_by_raiders and holds his injured arm that’s still wrapped in bandages near the shoulder and cradled in a sling.

As before, this reminder of Brody’s injury feels very awkwardly worded.

“One was named Cliff and the other just a letter. Dee, maybe?” Billie says, wringing her hands.

Shouldn’t Billie at least know of the Paines, as she’s from the countryside too?

“my mother’s killers. Sam and Peter Makarov.”

Shouldn’t have the first quote mark.

"${firstname}, do you know the Makarovs? They're a father and son, and I think they may have lived near your old house in Nightfall."

"Yeah, Sam and Peter."

"Sam worked for the fire department and came to my grade school to talk on a career day. He was so creepy, and for some reason he even brought his creepier son. That kid was a few years older than me, but he kept trying to hang out with me and my friends. He kept asking all of us strange questions about being home alone or when we go to sleep at night or how often we went to the dentists. Anyway, I never forgot those two. They showed up here with those bandits."

Who’s speaking here? It follows directly after the MC or Jaime speaking, and the former makes no sense, but the latter seems a little unlikely (Peter’s probably not a few years older than Jaime).

“We told him, but he didn’t seem to care much. He kind of change the subject when I brought it up.”


“Like I said, he’s not our prisoner anymore. You can untie hand and let him go.”

“his hands” or “him”.

You’re not sure about bringing Anders since him and his daughter just arrived at the Junkyard, but Monica could be an asset and prove her usefulness.

“he and his daughter”

“This isn’t my flight. Why am I the bad person for staying out of it?”


Your group stands around Sean who remains motionless on the ground. "Broken nose, missing a tooth, maybe a broken jaw. Broken ribs, definitely contusions. All we can do is bandage him up and give him lots of painkillers," @{(m_medicine >= 55) you say.|Allison says.} "Let's get him on that stretcher and bring him to the @{infirmary infirmary|main house}. We have to be really gentle as we move him."
Fred, Reilly, and

Allison might not have joined, and Fred might be with the Silverthornes.

“Did you come to get that wind checked out?” Allison asks, motioning to your ribs.


Allison stares at you for a moment and the color washes out of her face.

I think this line should end with "“I’ve” or "“I have” like the other similar lines.

You take a folded piece of cloth off the table, dip it in the water, ringing out, and then place it against Rachel’s forehead.

“wring it out”

He radiates from her skin, though she looks colorless.


You weren’t going to take her anyway, but you can see the difference between the demeanor of the two dogs.

Appears even if your pet is a cat.

and him and Mishy she run off towards the parking lot.

“he and Mishy run” (also a couple of lines later).

On your walk your thoughts turned to Tommy.

Also, it seems weird that this paragraph is restricted to people who have a second RO; it makes sense for anyone who’s dating Tommy, and the second RO isn’t mentioned until the next paragraph.

“I need to spend time with you. I can’t believe this happened. Will you stay here with me, so we can talk?”

Remove second quote mark.

@{told_madison_kevin "I know you don’t like Kevin, but he’s my friend.|"I can’t believe people took Kevin.}

Has this variable ever been set? I don’t see it in my version of Part 3.

“I’m sorry about your friend. I’m sure he’s fine. He’s tough and can handle himself. We are going to find him and do everything we can to help him.”

Should this option still call Kevin “Madison’s friend” if the MC has a high relationship with him?

“I can’t guarantee he’s alive, and we’re going to do what we can to find him and bring him back safely.”

“but” would work better here.

He’s like mascot. Screw those bandits.

Should be “a mascot” or “our mascot”.

“You had to pull the parent card, didn’t you? I guess I can’t blame the kid for worrying about his mother. You know how I was with my ma. Okay, I’m on board. @{mission_reilly Let’s go|Go} get the little jerk.”

Not entirely sure if it’s an intentional Freudian slip, but if not, this should be “father”.

"I never thought of the.

Should be “that”.

What gun will he used to shoot them? All these answers will be revealed!"


You bounce @{(vehicle = “motorcycle”) as the bike hits the narrow path, and you tighten your grip and mean forward to keep from being thrown off the seat.


The count stent bouncing and side-to-side motion must be ripping up the wound.


At the peak, you spot more track marks and hear the motors of the truck’s in the not so far distance.


You hear the grown of metal, and the tires slip over loose gravel. A puff of white smoke sales from the @{(vehicle = “motorcycle”) engine|hood} and then dissipates.

The first should be “groan”, but I’m not so sure about the second.

You spot track marks on the flat part of the road and no you haven’t made up much time in your attempt to reach the bandits.


The bandits to canning for a reason.

“took Kevin”

If you were closer you could try to stop their vehicles or when them off the road.

Not sure what this is supposed to be, sorry.


Think it was implied we all took the same car, not 100% always take the motorcycle to places.

If you were closer, you could try to stop their vehicles or knock them off the road.

Second should be ‘sails’.


I’m… kinda with (pregnant) Jillian here. You’d think you could bring up the fact your bun is in her oven to Jaime and/or say you at least have reservations about going for Kevin because of it.


Probably during the aftermath. Personally, I kinda would like to talk about it firstly with Gina, and have the option of bringing her into the parentage of the kid, and then the rest of the group.


You get to choose whether you’re in the same car as everyone else or on a motorbike with everyone else following in the car. That section was clearly written for the car but still available if you’re on the motorbike.

I didn’t think that really fit the context of the sentence. :sweat_smile:


It does in the context of smoke lifting away from the hood/pipe. Term for it in that context is sail/sails.


Wow this is amazing and I will play this right away. I also hope the mc can finally meet up with Julianne in the upcoming parts of the story and I can’t wait to see the upcoming development from the survivors. Congratulations.


Your group stands around Sean who remains motionless on the ground. ”Broken nose, missing tooth, maybe a broken jaw. Broken ribs, definitely contusions. All we can do is bandage him up and give him lots of painkillers,” Allison says. “Let’s get him on that stretcher and bring him to the main house. We have to be really gentle as we move him.”

I had not indicated that Allison and August are residents of the camp.

When Jaime says he is really not looking forward to dealing with them out in the canyon and it’s either going to be us or them, and then the MC chooses something to say, I would have liked an option about saying that the MC and everyone in the rescue group should all return to the junkyard instead of creating added danger for themselves and the other remaining survivors. The dispute is between Kevin and former customers.

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Is the leader of the bikers gonna hate the mc forever for getting caught robbing her store

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I agree with this but I’ll don’t think they’ll go back since they attacked our base